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Want To Make Extra Cash With Uber?

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Want To Make Extra Cash With Uber?

Thinking about becoming an Uber driver but don’t really know that general risk/reward ratio? Here you can find a list of pros and cons to help you with your decision.

1. Flexibility
Uber allows its drivers to work when they want. You can turn your application on and off as you please. Got an appointment? Turn it off and go about your business. Got some time on your hands? Turn it on and make a little unexpected extra money.

2. Meet People
If you are a social butterfly or like to meet new people, becoming an Uber driver can allow you to exercise your friendliness. Whether you make a new friend or not, driving strangers around can also be a cool way to stay entertained. Hearing random people’s stories is always a hilarious treat for me. Whether they are talking to you directly or you just happen to overhear the conversation they are having with someone else, it’s a good way to amuse yourself.

make cash with uber

3. Be Your Own Bossman/woman
You are no longer working in an office environment, counting down the seconds until 5 o’clock rolls around so that you can race out of there and straight into the nearest happy hour. Feel the freedom of being self-employed and on your own schedule.

4. Possibility of Better Income
Since it is up to you to set your own schedule you can decide to turn your app on as much as you want, thus possibly making more money when you decide to drive more. There is no one to restrict your overtime hours like at a regular job. If there is something you’ve been eyeing or somewhere you’ve been wanting to go but need a little extra cash for it, work however many extra hours you need or want and go treat yourself.

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5. Discover New Places
By picking up and dropping off passengers you can discover new areas that you didn’t even know existed. Being an Uber driver can sort of be like being on an adventure. You can make a note of an area that you really like and then come back and check it out on your own time. An interesting shop that you’ve never seen that you happened to pass while picking someone up? Go back and explore it when you’re free.

1. You Are Responsible For Your Own Expenses
Uber is not responsible for any money that goes into your driver expenses. Gas, insurance, car maintenance, toll road fees, car rentals are going to be up to you to cover. Think of it as an investment.

2. Dealing With Different Personalities
If you are not a people’s person, becoming an Uber driver might not be a great decision. Patience, friendliness, and respect are all characteristics that a good Uber driver needs to present. If you rub any of the passengers the wrong way they can give you a bad rating. And if you have a consistent bad rating then you might find yourself deactivated.

All in all there seem to be more pros than cons when thinking about becoming an Uber driver. If you are a good driver, you enjoy driving, meeting new people, and making money then you should definitely think about becoming an Uber driver.

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