Healthcare careers are consistently rated as the most rewarding careers when rated by professionals themselves.

But most people don’t even consider a healthcare career.

When most people think of getting started in a healthcare career, they think that it will require $100K+ to pay for education and living expenses before beginning to earn.

For many medical professions, this is accurate thinking. However, there are a few allied healthcare careers that you can begin in under 2 years to start earning competitive salaries in a rewarding position.

The problem is, these allied health programs aren’t near as well known to the public.

So, many people don’t realize that they actually can afford the low time and money investment to pursue their dream to work in healthcare.

Today I want to share 3 fast growing and competitive salaried healthcare jobs that you could begin in under 2 years.

Medical Assistant

Looking at recent data, Medical Assistants, or MAs, earn over $32,000 annually on average in the U.S.

But more important than the high wages perhaps are the extremely high growth rates currently projected at 29% through 2026 by the BLS.

Medical Assistants can work in many different settings such as hospitals, general practices, ophthalmology offices, nursing homes, all of the military branches, and many more settings!

So, choosing this career leaves many different paths available for you to pursue.

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants also earn competitive salaries and most people tend to need dental care. In other words, the field is growing fast with plenty of job opportunity.

This is a field that draws a particular person who just so happens to be interested in teeth. You know who you are. I used to date a girl fascinated with teeth and then sure enough she go into dentistry.

I can’t explain it, but if you love teeth and thought becoming a dentist was too difficult then consider a dental assisting career that you can start in the next 2 years.

Athletic Trainer

This job appeals to former athletes mostly. But there are also plenty of sports fans out there that are not athletes themselves who really enjoy this work.

You typically are either very interested in this career or have no interest at all. So, no need to talk about the salaries and job growth. This is a good one to choose if you are passionate about athletes, sports, training, and working in a competitive environment.

Athletic trainers will tell you that they absolutely love their careers and are highly satisfied. So, if you have always loved sports then you may want to consider a career as an athletic trainer.

What Are You Waiting For?

Well, there you have it.

3 rewarding medical careers that pay well and are only 2 years out of your reach.

So, without worrying about 5+ years and $100,000+ investment, you can now begin pursuing your dream career in healthcare.

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