Everyone in this world has a little bit of good in them. Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment, for wildlife, for the voiceless, and for some dogs are closest to their hearts. Not everyone can conform to society standards of doing good, because of different constraints, but there is no denying that charity is one of the best ways to get involved in something you deeply care about. While there are multiple ways of helping those who need it in terms of directly getting involved, but not all of us want to or are able to promise that kind of time and effort. How do you do your bit then? Here are five ways you can help.

Passive Adoption

A lot of us want dogs at home, but for multiple reasons we are unable to get one home - some of us have demanding jobs, some allergies, and others want to be able to travel. While the joy of having a pooch call you their own is irreplaceable, you can choose to adopt a pet passively. What this means is that you will be responsible for the expenses related to an animal’s welfare, without having to actually take them home. How can you do this? Visit or contact your local pet shelter to find out if they have someone they need money for. Your contribution in this case will be very specific to one dog and its upkeep. You can decide to meet them once in a while if you want, but there is no commitment to take them home.


This really is the simplest way to get involved - providing financial aid to a shelter or animal hospital. Most of these institutions are not for profit so whatever little they get as contribution is what they need to make do with. With low awareness about pet medication, high abandonment rates, and rising costs, a dollar goes a long way in the life of a pet in a shelter or hospital. Apart from money, you can also be in contact with a shelter or hospital to find out if they need any specific stuff that you can buy and provide - pet meds for dogs for example or even simple upkeep like telephone bills or gas refills.


If you are looking at a little more involvement than just a donation, you can register yourself as a foster pet parent. Foster homes for pets are temporary homes where animals are placed before moving to permanent residences. Since shelters are usually always full, foster homes act as a boon for animals who might otherwise be put to sleep. Being a foster parent isn’t easy, but is highly rewarding. It gives you a chance to manage multiple animals at different times of your life when you are able to accommodate them and then be able to move on knowing you have done your bit.


Whatever your skills are, you can always choose to contribute to your cause by doing something you can - it could be anything. From writing blogs to cooking food, to even keeping a stock of pet meds for dogs, you can be whoever your skill set allows you to be. Contact a shelter or hospital or organization of your choice and check with them if they need any help. Do note that this would require commitment from your end and isn’t as easy as donating money, food, or medication.

Raising Awareness

The simplest way you can help an animal without getting completely involved is by raising awareness. There are laws against cruelty and morals behind adoption. If you are active on social media or off it, you can use your interactions to raise awareness on the various facets of animal rights. If you think you can go the extra mile, then open a blog, start a charity, or even help a shelter/hospital run its social media handles to raise awareness, request help, and even collect financial aid.

There are various different ways you can help out to get to your cause. If animals aren’t your thing, that’s okay. Find what’s important for you and do your bit in leaving behind a better world not only for our next generations but also for the other species who we share this planet with. Charity begins at home, and if you happen to find your calling, commit to do your bit.