Avoiding stress completely is, for most of us, not possible, but the ability to manage stress is an important skill in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Below are seven ways we deal with stress along with suggested activities in each category:

1. Physical

Physical activity is one effective way of coping with stress. Going out for a run, for instance, can help remove you from a stressful situation and get you to start thinking clearly about possible solutions. Other physical activities including: going for a walk, going out dancing, practicing pilates and yoga, trying out a spin class, among other activities.

2. Mental

While some people are drawn to physical coping methods, others may favor mental ones. These can include solving a sudoku puzzle or challenging word search. It can also include learning something new, like speaking a new language or playing a new instrument.

4. Emotional

Some individuals prefer emotional coping methods. Crying is one example of an emotional coping method for dealing with stress.

5. Sensory

Finding comfort in one or more of our five senses can also provide stress relief. Listen to calming music or light a candle with a comforting scent.

6. Playful

A playful approach to dealing with stress is indulging in activities that you know make you happy. This could mean taking a break to watch some tv or traveling somewhere new.

7. Spiritual

A spiritual way to deal with stress will mean something very different for different people. Common methods include going to a place of worship, meditating, or keeping a gratitude journal.