1. Gif

It’s “jif” not “gif.” But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a pronunciation guide from the inventor of .gif himself, Steve Wilhite:


2. Mischievous

Often pronounced “mis-CHEE-vee-us,” there are actually only 3 syllables in mischievous. Drop that extra “ee” sound you’re adding, for the correct “MIS-chiv-us.”

3. Niche

This one depends on which dictionary you consult. However, in US English, “nitch” seems to be the more widely accepted pronunciation.

4. Espresso


Many people add an “x” into their pronunciation. “Expresso” is wrong; “espresso” is correct!

5. Triathlon

There are only 3 syllables in triathlon, but lots of people add a fourth. It’s “tri-ATH-lon” not “tri-AHTH-a-LON.”

6. Often

Remember, the “t” is silent!

7. Celtic

Unless you’re talking about the basketball team, “celtic” is pronounced “KELL-tick” not “SELL-tick.”

8. Et cetera

Like “espresso,” people like to add an “x” to this word. Correct: “et cetera.” Incorrect: “excetera.”

9. Leviosa

For the muggles who still can’t get it right ?