Apple is perhaps the most popular and largest brand of technology products available today. There are all kinds of products you can get from Apple, including desktop computers (iMac), laptops (MacBook) tablets (iPad), phone (iPhone), watch (Apple Watch), and headphones (AirPods). Below is a beginner’s guide to various Apple products and accessories.

A Desktop Computer Without the Bulk, Introducing the iMac

An iMac is preferred over other desktop computers because of its slick and thin monitor, as well as the simplicity of the look. iMac computers are used in many industries but mostly in entertainment work such as:

  • Animation
  • Film and TV editing
  • Gaming industry
  • Fashion industry

The reason for this is because iMac computers are compatible with many different editing software. You can connect a drawing trackpad and use a stylus to work on artistic projects easily. iMacs are also preferred for its ease of use, and low maintenance.

Big Power in a Small Package, Here is the MacBook

A MacBook is a very convenient way to access your computer on the go. Unlike a desktop, you can take it with you when you travel and work from all different places. It is Apple’s version of a laptop, but much more compact. Consumers love MacBooks for the following reasons:

  • Sleek body
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic and regular software updates
  • Long-lasting

You can also connect accessories such as AirPods to your Macbook. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to connect AirPods to a MacBook:

  1. Open the case of your AirPods
  2. Make sure they are fully charged
  3. Press the pairing button on the back of the case and hold
  4. Find the Apple Menu on your MacBook
  5. Go to System Preferences
  6. Find Bluetooth
  7. Click “AirPods” on the list, then click “Pair.”

The Gold Standard in Tablet Technology, the iPad

iPads now come in different sizes and with greater options than before. Some of the advances of iPads include:

  • Excellent display
  • USB port
  • Apple Pencil for marking up documents
  • 12-megapixel sensor on camera

iPads today are highly versatile. You can also attach a keyboard to it and use it like a laptop.

The Most Popular Wearable Tech on the Market, the Apple Watch

Apple watches are becoming more and more popular among users because of its design, display, and small benefits to one’s day-to-day. Apple Watches can monitor your heart rate from your hand via its EGC feature. It tells you how healthy your heart is and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Some other apps that the Apple Watch is convenient for include:

  • Breathe app: This will lower your stress and anxiety by lowering your heart rate. This app is increasingly popular among those who appreciate meditation.
  • Movement monitoring: With an increase in health awareness, the Apple Watch is also capable of checking your daily movements and fitness.
  • Sleep tracker: This is a new app that is being developed at Apple for a 2020 watch release.
  • Incoming phone calls and texts: Your Apple Watch alerts you as to who is trying to contact you right from your wrist.

One of the biggest reasons why Apple products are the most highly sought after relative to others is because of the software’s ecosystem. One Apple accessory is compatible with another Apple accessory. Some games and apps on phones and tablets are also only compatible with Apple products. The other part of Apple’s ecosystem is the ability to access iMessage and Facetime across all the accessories, including iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, and Apple Watch. This keeps you connected at all times. The connectivity that Apple ensures through its products and accessories is what keeps consumers returning to them. The ubiquity of Apple stores all over the world is also what makes it a highly reliable consumer product.