Do you have a fancy dinner get-together or a dinner date coming right up? Surely not having a wine to toast with would surely make your dinner amiss! Which is why we’re here to help you choose the right wine to make your guests have a bon appétit!

If you already have come up with your food menu and you are now currently listing the wines that you would like to have, or you’re currently still scurrying around what to pick because you’re confused as to what’s the best wine to choose, then don’t worry! Listed below are the tips on choosing the right wine for your dinner.

Pinot Noir

Got some great earthy dishes in your menu? Well, then you might want to pair up some Pinot Noir with that! This type of wine is light-bodied but full of savory depth which would really suit your dish that has some mushrooms and truffles in it!

Pinot Noir is the 10th most planted grape variety in the world and is considered as the most popular light-bodied red wine. Many have come to love this wine since it gives out the taste of flower, red fruit, and spice aromas which is often accentuated by a long smooth finish. Not to mention that it is also one of the safest red wines to serve to a big group of people, perfect for a gathering!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Thinking what’s great to pair with juicy red meat? Cabernet Sauvignon got you! California Cabernet like Screaming Eagle, Bordeaux, and Bordeaux-style blends are merveilleux with steaks or chops! Lamb chops with frizzled herbs? This mouth-watering dish tastes will undoubtedly be stimulated by these wine bite after bite of the tender meat.

There’s a reason as to why Cabernet Sauvignon tastes excellent with meat. Researchers have studied the effects of some foods on the tongue wherein they found out that the tannins present in these wines act as “scrapers” to the fats and proteins collected from the food that you eat. Steaks have higher levels of fats and proteins, thus the high-content of tannin in Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with it.


Are you up for a dish composed of fatty fish or fishes in a creamy sauce? Then Chardonnay might just be the right wine pair for you. Silky whites like Chardonnays from Australia, California, and Chile are all luscious with fish dishes with salmon or any kind of seafood in a thick sauce.

Chardonnay is a white wine that is dry, full-bodied with primary flavors of fruits: apple, yellow melon, and starfruit. This wine is one of those few white wines that is commonly aged in oak wherein you’ll often find that later on, it will taste of vanilla, cream, and butter.


Salty, fried, or fish dishes, almost every dish pairs magically with Champagne since this type of wine makes any salty dishes extra-refreshing due to its faint touch of sweetness. Although it is mostly used an aperitif, you may tweak a little with your dishes and wine pairings so why not use it with the main courses as well.

Nothing says that it’s a joyous celebration with a Champagne, with its bubbly and sparkly characteristics one would really love to toast up their champagne flutes high!

Dry Rosé

Rich, cheesy dishes? Pair it well with dry rosé since this type of wine almost pairs well with all of the cheeses due to its acidity that can also be found in white wine while having the fruit character of the red wine.

Also, rosé goes well with salads, light pasta, fresh fruits, or even cold appetizers like pasta salads or potatoes.


Who says no wine can be paired with barbecues? Malbec definitely got your back on this. Malbec, Côtes-du-Rhône, and Shiraz are one of the wines that are big and bold enough to drink with foods brushed over with heavy spiced barbecue sauces.

The wine Malbec is a medium to full-bodied red wine which is a perfect pair for full-flavored foods. This type of wine does not have a super long finish or aftertaste in layman’s term. Thus it is extremely paired well with leaner red meats and lighter cuts like roasted pork or dark meat turkey.

Here’s a secret that you should remember well, Malbec works well with dishes that have sage, peppers, creamy mushroom sauces, and melted cheeses, particularly the blue cheese!


With the information given above, surely your time for your dinner’s preparation will be a breeze and will let you have a preparation time for yourself just in time before your guests come over.

Now, if you are still in doubt after all of these wines and food pairings gave to you, then you might want to opt for the champagne or sparkling wines since almost all dishes pair well with these. Not to mention that both of the said wines are known for celebratory drinks!