A major controversy in today’s political climate is that politicians use the media to spread their propaganda. Although, some say that the media uses its influence to propagate its own political agendas such as ABC, Fox News, CNN, etc. The Emmy broadcast on Sunday night seemed to reinforce this theory with many of its presenters bashing President Trump. Nor should we forget President Trump’s attempts to influence people on Twitter, which tend to blow up in his face.


These are tactics that you will often find in Totalitarian nations that control the media much like North Korea, which is satirized in this hilarious 30 Rock episode.


The USSR was also very controlling of its news media as well does The People’s Republic of China. The truth is there is essentially bias everywhere in the Media. Writers and reporters will support their political perspective and worldview in most cases, and it is up to the audience to recognize and filter out the bias for themselves. It is important that we as the audience do not simply devour what we are being fed, but think critically about it and note where they are clearly being misleading, immature, or manipulative. But be assured that both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of this methodology. So no matter what your political outlook it is important to respect the other sides opinions and discuss them in a mature and honest dialogue.

In one interesting and odd case, the US Government hired the cast of Cheers in the 1980’s to promote their Savings Bonds to the public. At the time bonds were an excellent deal, but because of the current low Federal Reserve interest rates, they are not a very good investment. Although, bonds yield a better return than your bank’s savings account interest rate. Take a look at the gang of Cheers discussing this in an episode that was never aired to the public. It is much like a regular episode, though it contains fewer laughs and less colorful conversation.