While looking for a new job is no easy task, the epoch of technology and social media has evolved the job market by providing job seekers with an expansive network of employment possibilities. Before the onset of industrialization, one would simply seek out the Sunday paper and a highlighter to look through the classified job listings page. Now, millennials are faced with the debilitating dilemma of having too many choices, which can ultimately result in a paradoxical paralysis. The internet is filled with thousands of listings scattered throughout various job finding outlets, and if you are not careful, you may fall down the rabbit hole of perpetual scrolling.

There are countless opportunities out there to find something catered to what you would like to do- it really comes down to utilizing the right resources. Nowadays, job seeker’s are faced with a deluge of options that can be narrowed down according to the type of job, specific hours, and location. The key is to expand your employment horizons by taking advantage of more than one job search engine. Each website will offer you something different, allowing you to maximize on your likelihood to find a job directly catered to your specific interests.

Job searching can be overwhelming if you do not tackle it the right way. Aimlessly scrolling through listing after listing can leave you feeling desperate and depleted. By checking out the following most optimal job search engine sites, you can see which works best for you and what area of work you are interested in.

Simplyhired.com Whether you’re a recent college graduate scoping the job market for the first time, or an old time veteran seeking out a new opportunity, this job hunting gem allows you to use keywords and specific details, such as location and industry, to find the best suitable position for you. Simplyhired offers helpful data and statistics on local jobs to help you make an informed decision when scoping the employment scene.

The “Simply Salary” option offers job hunters a chance to calculate the amount of income a certain job will generate. The site provides more networking opportunities by enabling its users to connect their Facebook friends and display which of these friends have companies that are currently hiring.

Indeed.com If you are currently reading this article, you are most likely on the search for employment opportunities online, or know a relative or friend who is. The first thing that may come to mind in such moments is Indeed, one of the most popular top job search engines. And if you are thinking otherwise, take a moment to bookmark this site right now.

Indeed is arguably the most effective means of aggregating the information on the web and crawling other career sites to consolidate a list of viable choices, with the option to save your searches for later. You can also directly upload your resume and LinkedIn information to make it easier and quicker to apply for jobs.

Wantanewcareer.com This job forum is a mecca of employment opportunity that provides real-time access to thousands of jobs that are updated continually in your area. All you have to do is complete the form to create a custom job search consisting of the latest employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and added resources. The site directly asks you if you would like to “further your education to boost your career” and allows you to browse based on your educational needs.

By using your specific and individual interests in academia, Wantanewcareer provides you with a list of schools and careers catering to your criteria. Unlike other more complicated sites with a series of advanced, complex options, wantanewcareer.com allows job seekers to fill out a simple form for hire, minus the hassle.

Snagajob.com SnagAJob.com connects businesses needing hourly employees with the most qualified hourly job seekers at a lower cost per hire. The company’s vision is to “create a world where anyone can get the work or workforce they want, wherever and whenever they want.”  Dubbed “the number one source for hourly employment,” SnagAJob.com has more than 75 million registered hourly workers and 300,000 employer locations.

By focusing on cultivating the necessary connections workers need, Snagajob enables workers to maximize their potential and lead more fulfilling lives. The company was awarded Fortune Magazine’s pick for “Great Place to Work” on their Best Small & Medium Workplaces list for eight consecutive years. Snagajob has also been listed as Washingtonian’s “Great Places to Work” and Deloitte’s “Fast 500”, a ranking of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America.

Linkup.com Unique to the job searching industry, Linkup collects its information directly from company career web pages and offers the most recent, up-to-date job listings. Similar to Google’s way of indexing from sites into the search engine, this popular job searching outlet indexes from company sites to provide one of the largest job pools on the web.

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