Social Media brings in a great way for kids to make friends and connect with other people as they see fit. The same thing happens for teens and adults too. While it can be informative and helpful, Social Media can also be damaging. It eats up a lot of time without offering anything productive, not to mention it can also lead to addiction very often.

Social Media leads to mental health problems

Since most teens are on social media, there’s a peer pressure to be there as much as possible and complete tasks or just connect with others. As a result, that pressure will lead to lower grades and the necessity to create a virtual life with tons of virtual friends and so on. The problem is that virtual lives like these don’t offer any value, and teens just create a bubble for themselves where they stay isolated.

In time, Social Media leads to depression as teens have less social activity and they stay lonely. They see social media as a way to have friends and a social life, although in reality this keeps them away from the people that they love and appreciate and that can be very problematic to say the least. Teens end up depressed, not happy with their lives and such a thing will lead them to reckless things.

Anxiety is another problem. That pressure to post and interact all the time also leads to emotional investment and the scare of not doing something right. There’s also the fact that you need to stay up to date with the rules and regulations of the social world, which brings in even more pressure.

Can Social Media lead to sleep deprivation in teens?

There are many times when teens spend so much time on social media that they start losing valuable sleep just to be online as much as possible. As we know, sleep leads to moodiness, overeating and lower grades, which can be a huge problem to deal with more often than not.

Social Media also leads to a sense of envy. It encourages teens to compare themselves with one another and pursue more virtual connections. It also brings in envy when it comes to how much wealth others display and that can obviously be an issue.

But the worst thing is that it also leads to communication issues with the family. Teens find people on Social Media more trustworthy than their own parents, and that can be a problem. Parents are always there to provide the utmost support, so having access to their assistance and help matters a lot. Granted, there are always challenges when it comes to staying updated with this type of thing, and the experience will be amazing if you just get past the Social Media addiction.

The way you handle Social Media problems is either via a therapist or more control over how your teen accesses the internet. Keeping tabs on social media time and interactions is a very good idea. But make sure that you are a friend and don’t overly control your teen, as that can make things worse!