Instagram is a great photo sharing app which allows you to take photos on your phone and allow it to share the same on the famous social networking websites. Now, with its new update on the IGTV videos, the business people can take advantage of that. They can instantly put their name on Instagram and can watch their sales and customer relationships.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags:

Use one or two branded hashtags with your posts the Instagram. So, then people who are interested in you can able to search your photos, videos or any other thing by using that hashtag. It helps to find what people are talking about the specific or related topics to your small business.

  • Don’t you know how to use the relevant hashtags? Follow the given below techniques.
  • First, choose the word from the customer point of view. Just, think what keyword you will look for when you are a customer. So, select that keyword.
  • Don’t create the long hashtag. It should be short and sweet. Most importantly easy to understand.
  • Your hashtags should be unforgettable. Before starting to create a new hashtag, search for the same on the web and make sure no one used that hashtag.
  1. Stop Talking and Start to Listen:

Instead of always updating the photos spend some time to listen to others what they are saying about your products or services.

On the Instagram search for the words relevant to your products, services or business using the hashtag. By using that option you can find what people are saying about you or your services or products.

For example: If you are preparing any soft-drinks like cola or Pepsi then put that name using the hashtag. If any of the people use that hashtag you can able to find them.

Then immediately respond to their comment. If you can’t describe anything on the comment section at-least say ‘Thank you’ to them. It will encourage users to buy more of your products or services. If they are happy, they immediately start to follow you on Instagram and like your posts as well.

  1. Create Conversations:

So, now you get a new follower for your account. Start to have a conversation with him. So, then he will actively participate in any of your events, campaigns or any other thing.

  1. Show a demo:

Add any of the photos or videos of your services and products in your account and start to show a demo. It is recommended to buy real Instagram likes to make your photos and videos viral.

  1. Share the inspiring images:

Try to share any super inspiring images or videos on your account. Because every day the other Instagram users share hundreds of images and videos on their account. Due to that, your images or videos may get saturated. So, share some creative and innovative images/videos and have fun on it. To reinforce your brand, try to add your small business/company logo or some other visual signpost of your business (for example Face, Signature, etc.).

Follow the above-mentioned tips to your small business. Definitely, it will give significant outcomes and will improve your business.