For any business, attracting the best talent is crucial. This is particularly true for small businesses, where employees with the right skill sets can be pivotal to company growth. However, while large corporations often have the ability to offer staff an attractive package, with bonuses, health programmes and staff activity days, many smaller businesses simply do not have the budget.

Fortunately, there are many ways a growing business can attract top talent – all it takes is a little creativity, outside-the-box thinking and highlighting the benefits of working for a smaller firm.

Flexible Working

While remote working is becoming more common, the vast majority of firms still operate on a 9-5 rota or utilise an office-based environment. While this works for some people, for others, this can be restrictive. As such, offering a more flexible working schedule could help your growing business to attract employees.

By allowing flex days or remote working, this could reduce time employees spend on the daily commute, relieve pressure around childcare issues, or help them to strike a more positive work-life balance. For a business, this could be good news. Firstly, research has revealed that flexible working can boost productivity. Secondly, you could lower your overheads by selecting a smaller or shared office space with the likes of Be Offices.

More Responsibility

Within a large organisational structure, roles are typically quite specialised, covering one particular area. However, in an SME where staff numbers are often fewer, job descriptions tend to be more diverse, providing the opportunity to take on more responsibility.

This could allow employees to gain experience across a variety of departments and areas, where no two days are the same. This could be very attractive to those who are looking for a new job, as it provides diversity as well as the opportunity to enhance their skill set.

Further Job Prospects

A common reason for a job change is career advancement, when employees possess the desire to progress and secure a higher position, whether in a bid for a fresh challenge or a pay rise. In a big company, promotion is often very structured and employees are expected to climb the ladder. However, due to the innovative nature of many smaller businesses, this path tends to be altogether different.

Providing the opportunity to grow alongside the business, working within an expanding company can offer a new and exciting challenge, helping to both attract and retain talent.

As a small business owner, you may be concerned about appealing to the best and most qualified candidates when larger companies have the ability to offer a more extensive salary and benefits package. However, working for a growing business can mean a more diversity and flexibility, both of which are becoming increasingly important to employees.