If you have your heart set on moving out and putting your house on the market, you will probably want to get your asking price. However, to make sure you do this, even the most pristine of houses will require a rethink.

This is because you need to reconfigure and arrange it in a way that is appealing to potential buyers. Staging your property is a sure-fire way to instantly make your property appealing. With just a few simple tweaks, you can speed up the sales process and can increase your chances of getting some offers.

Curb Appeal

Prospective buyers form an opinion of your house before they have even set foot up the path. Make sure the outside is as perfect as inside by power washing any flagstones, adding some flowers to the front garden or placing a window box outside to frame the house with florals. Also, make sure the grass is cut and the garden weeded.

Wash the windows and give the doorway a fresh coat of paint if it is looking a bit bedraggled. If you have the budget, a front door in a new colour could be a good investment, too.


The hallway is probably the first thing potential buyers will see when they set foot through the door. If you have neglected this part of the house before now, make it pretty with a mirror or some photographs.

Should you have the space, add a large plant, a freestanding lamp or some extra furniture for storing the miscellany that your family has collected.

Living Room

Make your lounge an inviting space. Add some scatter cushions and throws, use clever lighting to enhance the areas you want to show off and rearrange the room where necessary to make it look larger.


Even if you have a tiny galley kitchen, adding a bowl of fresh fruit and some cookery books can transform the space. Moving appliances around and making sure counters and cupboards are clean is also an easy way to make this room more appealing. Buyers want to imagine the kitchen as theirs, so expecting them to look inside storage spaces can help in the staging process.


Like the living room, these ought to be cosy. Opt for uncomplicated bedding and add some cushions to make it look like a relaxing space.

Also, create a sense of space by removing clothes from wardrobes and clearing unnecessary items away. Round things off with matching hangers and removing anything that may make the room look ‘busy’, such as TVs.

What top tips do you have for staging a home to attract buyers? Will you be using any of these ideas for your big sale?