UAE is the commercial state of grace for emerging entrepreneurs due to its tax exemption boundary, free zone and up-front commercial and legal frameworks. This region is promoting and supporting new startups as they have been establishing their economic stability in local and overseas market. The prevailing trends of market are giving rise to ample of investing prospects to overseas investors from import/export to setting up corporal business. Regular changes in market trends and invasion of ultra-modern technologies are a big challenge for business owners to fulfill the present and future necessities of these developments. These circumstances are the reasons that they require proficient business consultants who are having vast knowledge and experience of constantly changing situations. They are the experts who can offer advice to the clients. Moreover, if you wish to start a consultancy firm in UAE then you need to acquire a large client base and business provisions like continuous profit and growth incentives. Undoubtedly, the most prosperous venture is to start a consultancy business in Dubai. Nothing could be better than forming a business in Free zone. Read out the key points to learn the essence of starting up the consultancy company in one of the free Zone, Dubai.

Specs of Information about Dubai Outsource Free Zone

Before learning the requirements of starting a consultancy firm in Dubai Outsource Free Zone (DOFZ), let’s learn a bit more about its principal aspects first. Dubai Outsource Free Zone is a particular economic area, that aims to collect important organizations and entities of consultation business under one roof whereas providing the finest quality of services and set-up. Official registration and forming a consultancy firm in Dubai Free Zone is a booming opportunity for executing business in a tax-free territory together with financial stability and legal defense. Main kinds of business ventures that are being formed in Dubai Outsource Free Zone consist of Outsourcing Services, Professional Training, Professional Consulting Services, and Distant Outsourcing Services.

How to form a Consultancy Firm in Dubai Free Zone?

  • You need to turn up with an establishment name that should not be previously registered with DOFZ, to start a consultancy company in Dubai Outsource Free Zone. By doing this, you can register your venture with DOFZ.
  • When you have decided the name, you are required to apply for registration process to get a Professional Service License (PSL) from DOFZ consultant. This license will let you offer your expert consulting services to your clients.
  • You can enjoy 100% ownership and capital return by getting Professional Service License. But, you must have a Local Sponsor or Local Service Agent (LSA) for example, your business partner to obtain PSL.
  • You can also get Local Service Agent like a sleeping partner of your business that means he will not have any right to take part in business concerns and cannot have any kind of share of the business.

How Can UAE Consultants Help to set up Company in Free Zone?

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