Most people struggle with vulnerability.  It can be uncomfortable and might even feel unnatural at times, but it is one of the most powerful qualities a human being can possess and use.  Here are reasons why vulnerability is actually one of the biggest strengths you can possess.

It Gives You The Ability To Connect

Everyone desires connection.  It is one of the biggest underlying desires human beings all have.  To connect with a person, a calling, and a community are what gives people fulfillment and purpose.  With that, the biggest fear for a human being is rejection and disconnection.  Author Timothy Keller enforces this point by saying, “To be loved but not known is comforting but superficial.  To be known and not loved is our greatest fear.”  With the growing presence of portraying perfection through social media, superficiality is sadly a very easy and tempting way of life to fall in to.  It is easier to be superficial than to be authentic and vulnerable. Superficiality strips you from the ability to connect.  It is hard to connect with people who portray themselves as perfect and “having it all together”.  Imperfection on the other hand is something people can connect to deeply.  It is only through being vulnerable that makes connection possible.  Connection through vulnerability will not only help you in your personal relationships, but will also strengthen your ability to connect and know the needs of people in your work place.

It Gives You The Ability To Experience Things Fully

To be vulnerable means to be open.  This means being open to possible pain.  But, with that chance of experiencing great hurt and disappointment, you are also given the equal chance of experiencing the greatest joy and triumph life can offer.  No great accomplishment in history had the absence of possible failure.  If you do not want to get hurt or experience failure, you would have to harden your heart and avoid anything that has the possibility of failure like relationships or career goals.  But, when you possess the strength to be vulnerable you can experience fully what it means to love and to be loved and/or to accomplish your dreams.

Vulnerability is the courage to move forward, take chances, and be open to the best life has to offer even in the face of possible failure and disappointment.  Be strong.  Be vulnerable.

Brené Brown speaks powerfully about this subject in the TED talk video below.  Enjoy.