Posting Snapchats of your cash could get you robbed. Seriously.

A Canadian native, Jake Williamson, was robbed last Thursday following an excessive display of wealth on the social media app Snapchat. While many think Jake’s postings went too far, he claims his actions were justified as he was simply “calling out the haters.”

He admits after winning big online playing Zodiac Casino’s Mega Moulah game, he got carried away a little with his spending on expensive things.

“Some people take things to extremes and I don’t care if people sympathize with me, but no one should be robbed” says Jake, aka “White Chocolate”.

expensive gear


Mr Williamson was taking a gamble on an online site called Zodiac Casino, a notorious Canadian gambling site he came across in a private Facebook group offering an “80 Free Spins” promotion for real money. He was at home, barely paying attention to what was approximately his 29th spin on his phone, when the bells sounded to inform him that he had won the “Mega Moolah” jackpot, totaling a massive sum of $372,477 CAD.

Rather than graciously accepting the money and putting it to good use, he decided to “show the haters and doubters how wrong they had been”. It was a plan that would ultimately backfire.

After blowing over $20,000 on goods at Louis Vuitton, he proceeded to showcase his vast collection of “amazing swag” on social media.

His Snapchat photos alone were enough to enrage his so-called friends and neighbors due to the extravagance of the items and his comments. Neighbors claim “Jake had little to no worklife”.

“It was the easiest money I’ve ever come across,” Jake boasted. “Zodiac Casino was doing a promotion on Facebook offering 80 free spins to win real money after sign up, no questions asked. I just put in my name/email and 27 spins later saw the “Mega Moolah” jackpot numbers flash across my screen. They’re absolute idiots for doing this promotion once a month every year, but I ain’t complainin’.”


He might have gotten away with his boastful photos if it hadn’t been for the caption: “come get me peasants”. Peasant or not, somebody turned up to Mr Williams’ apartment just a few hours later – while he was out buying a lottery ticket – and robbed him of his new possessions.

It appears draping yourself in the most expensive Louis Vuitton in the world may make you rich, but still doesn’t prevent you from being an idiot.

And while one of the bigger winners of Zodiac Casino’s “80 Free Spins” promotion, Jake certainly isn’t the only one to cash out in recent weeks. Since the promotion started earlier this month, over 700 players across Canada have won money. However, the company has already paid out over $45,000,000 in total winnings and will be ending their promotion soon, largely due to the massive publicity they’ve gotten from Jake’s stunts, and other stories.

The last 3 winners of the progressive jackpot were for $3.3M, $3.9M and $5.5M. It is currently over $10 Million and it is very likely to go very soon to another online winner. The FREE 80 spin promotion will be over soon, and if you haven’t tried it already, then now is the time.


The reporter, Olivia Stern, who was working on this article, couldn’t help it and also tried her hand at the jackpot but sadly only walked away with a $664 win - “you can’t always win as big as Jake sadly!”

Several Canadians have also shared in the winnings on the Mega Moulah Jackpots with 80 free spins promo.

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