When you’re served an eye-catching plate of food or walk into a uniquely designed restaurant, it’s almost become instinct to post the image on social media. Documenting where you’re eating and what you’re eating seems to have become an integral part of the dining experience, and restaurants have taken notice.

A trend on Instagram can mean a line out the door for a restaurant, and it’s essentially free advertising. The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice, CA has become an Instagram success and a brunch favorite. Their hanging planters and cozy decor make it almost impossible not to snap a picture when you walk in.


Of course, quality of food matters, but aesthetics can drive business. It’s likely, for instance, that more people took a picture of Starbucks’s unicorn frappuccino than those who finished the drink.


Verbal recommendations have moved to social feeds, and if a location is Instagram-worthy, it’s visit-worthy.