Do you stay in Adelaide and wish to move out from a leased apartment? Well, it is good for you to know that moving out from any leased house or apartment in the city of Adelaide can prove to be a major headache for you. It starts from packing all your belongings and then cleaning the apartment or house just before your tenancy period comes to an end.

Managing everything properly and patiently is not an easy task. If any part of the house or apartment remains dirty, such as the windows or the walls, you will fail to get 100% of the bond money back. In other words, you will have to return the property in the best possible condition before the end of your tenancy in order to get the entire bond money back.

What Do You Mean by End of Lease Cleaning?

If you check a lease agreement carefully, you will come to know that the end of a lease agreement simply means that a tenant has to return the apartment or the house in a properly maintained and clean condition just before the lease expires. This is also known as the end of tenancy/lease cleaning. It is basically a thorough cleaning of the rented property. If you think that it is just like any other ordinary cleaning, then you need to think again.

End of lease cleaning is more than any other ordinary or regular house cleaning. This is simply because any stain sighted by your property manager during an inspection will simply prevent you from getting your entire bond money back. Thus, it is always a good idea to let a professional, such as Like End Of Lease Cleaning, deal with these types of bond cleaning tasks. They are experts at getting rid of stains with proper scrubbing and sprucing up properties with the help of a proper end of lease cleaning checklist.

Inclusions and Exclusions in End of Lease Cleaning

There are some specific inclusions and exclusions when it comes to professional bond cleaning services. It is important for you to know about them as much as possible. Some of these inclusions and exclusions have been discussed below for your benefit.


  1. General Cleaning: This includes clearing cobwebs, insect marks from the walls, and small nests. It also includes cleaning filters, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and exhaust fans. Some of the other things included are spot clean walls, removing stains from doors and skirting boards, cleaning the light fittings and light switches, cleaning drawers and cupboards, and thorough window cleaning.
  2. Kitchen Area: It includes deep cleaning the shelves, cupboards, and drawers, sanitizing the sink and proper cleaning of the drain holes, getting rid of stubborn stains around the rings, knobs, and stove top.


Although professionals do get rid of tough stains and mold, they do not guarantee that the damp spots will not re-appear ever. Sometimes, getting rid of mold requires help from a specialist who can get rid of the mold one and for all. Discoloration may happen due to normal wear and tear of the property.