Life is unpredictable, and financial crises may anytime arise for people above 60. Whether you are planning your retirement or already enjoying your retirement, it is never too late for you to consider buying a life insurance policy. It will be helpful for your loved ones to meet the funeral expenses after your unexpected death.

Though there are several kinds of life insurance policies, mutual of omaha burial insurance reviews is best for seniors.

What is Final Expense Life Insurance for Seniors?

Final expense or funeral insurance is a kind of whole life insurance policy that can easily be approved.  If you don’t have any history of chronic illness, heart attack, cancer, or stroke, you will qualify for this policy and get immediate coverage without any waiting period.

It also provides death benefits, such as medical bills and funeral expenses, after you pass away. It is popular for seniors, and it is also known as burial insurance or funeral insurance.

Advantages of Final Expense Life Insurance for Seniors

Final expense life insurance is a permanent insurance policy that covers all the medical bills, cremation or burial expenses, and more.

No Medical Test

Many of the permanent insurance policies perform a medical test while issuing a policy to determine the policy’s cost. But for final expense life insurance, the policy will be issued after asking a few questions relating to your health. Final expense life insurance does not require any in-depth research on your health.

Quick and Easy

Once you are done with the interview related to your health, you will receive your documents and make your first payment for the premium. In most cases, the whole process can be completed in a single day.

Always in Force

Unlike other life insurances, Mutual of Omaha final expense life insurance will not expire, and it always remains in force until you pay your premiums. When you choose final expense life insurance, it applies for your entire life, and even your beneficiaries will receive death benefits as long as you pay the premiums.

Flexible Usage of Insurance Amount

Though the final expense life insurance is meant for burial or funeral expenses, the beneficiary does not need to spend the insurance amount for the same. There is no legal requirement to use the death benefit only for burial expenses. The beneficiaries can use the death benefit in any way they wish.


To ensure that your final expense life insurance is used as per your funeral plan, you need to include your spouse, adult child, or any family member beneficiary who gets impacted with your death. You can also add your funeral house as your beneficiary so that they can cover the cost of the funeral. When you decide to add a funeral home as your beneficiary, ensure that they accept the final expense life insurance payout method.

Final Wishes

If your family is not aware of using the final expense life insurance benefit, you can write your final wishes or inform them to your financial adviser. With this benefit, you can decide how the money from your policy can be used.

Mutual of Omaha final expense insurance provides the insurance within less time, without many procedures. It provides immediate coverage with higher premiums.