Trying to find that comfy mattress can be a headache, especially if you spend all of that time and money in trying to find one only to bring it home and be less than desirable. Here are some tips in your attempts to find that perfect mattress.

  1. Always lay down on it in the store.- Don’t feel weird about laying down on it and testing it out in any way you can. Your sleep depends on it!
  2. Return Policies- Based on number one make sure you can return the mattress if you get it home and something is not right with it.
  3. Try to bargain with the store. Don’t settle for the “sticker price.”
  4. Understand your options- There are several different types of mattresses. Inner Springs, Memory Foam, and Adjustable Air. Adjustable air mattresses are great in theory. However, if you contract a leak it can be a nightmare scenario.
  5. Know the Warranty- Find out the details of the warranty, especially on an Adjustable air mattress.
  6. Memory foam can seem wonderful in the store, but it often sleeps warm. If your a cold sleeper, then this may not be the mattress for you!
  7. Don’t compare shop- In other words don’t go to one store find the mattress you like and see if you can find something “comparable” for cheaper at another store. Rarely do mattress made by other manufactures provide a similar comparability. Make sure to test each individual mattress out.
  8. Delivery- Make sure that you check the mattress out when it is delivered before accepting it.
  9. Quantity of coils does not outweigh quality- Just because a mattress claims to have a larger number of coils in the mattress does not mean that they are as high a quality of coils.
  10. Gel does not necessarily provide a cooler sleep- Even if your particular mattress does happen to sleep cooler with gel, be aware that it is not much for the price difference.