A wedding can be the most precious time in one’s life. You go from living on your own to finally sharing your space with your partner. It is another step towards adulthood that brings lots of new changes in your life. Planning a wedding is a process that keeps you on your toes all of the time. With the given number of days, there are so many things to do that include choosing the right dress, choosing the right venue, the right invitation cards, the cake, and the food. Everything on the list needs to be spot on and according to your desires. When all of these little things add up they make something beautiful and worth admiring.

The key is to take baby steps and start with the things that you think are more important. After choosing the wedding dress and locking in the venue the next thing to do is look for invitation card designs that will best suit your wedding and the theme. Once the wedding cards go for printing it is an indication that the wedding is going to happen soon. A wedding invitation card is a sneak peek for the guest to know what the theme of the wedding is going to be. A lot of time and effort is required to come up with a design and theme you would like to have for your wedding card.

Keeping in check with the latest trends

The first thing that you have to do is look into the latest trends that are circling all around social media and on the internet. There isn’t anything that you can’t find on the internet these days. As it is winter season there are so many things that pop up on social media at the very last minute. Some of the unique and beautiful ideas for wedding cards this season are wax seals, embroidered calligraphy, laser-cut folds, and also recycled paper. Many people are using paper made out of recycled paper so that there is less pollution and it gives a good message.

Deciding the theme

Winter weddings have a different vibe to them. While the sun glistens your skin and the cold wind blows you picture everything to be perfect. A list of winter wedding invitations that you can choose from to make your wedding more special and unique are

  • Marble prints: I think personally you can never go wrong with marble prints. There are different variations in marbles as well but as it is the winter season and you are choosing something that is suitable for a winter wedding then the right colors to go for will be white and grey. These colors when paired with something golden will make the whole card look beautiful.
  • Wax seals: If you see on social media wax seals have been on top of Pinterest for the past few years. These wax seals create such a beautiful impact on anything that they are added to and give a nice regal look to the invitation. Winter wedding invitations in my opinion are incomplete without wax seals. You can add petals of flowers or hints of gold in your wax too.
  • Calligraphy: One of the oldest ways to present a wedding card is calligraphy. There are some trends that are followed by people that eventually die down as the years pass but during the past few years, calligraphy has taken its place in the market again and won’t be leaving anytime soon. If you want to make your winter wedding invitations cards look spot on, invest in something like calligraphy that you will remember for a lifetime.