New and seasoned chefs alike can benefit from app usage in the kitchen. Here are 4 apps we think will help you spice up your cooking game:

1. Epicurious

The number of recipes on Epicurious is pretty mind-blowing. Download the app for access to over 35,000 of them. In addition to it being a wealth of inspiration for all your cooking needs, you can also use the app as a kitchen timer and education tool.

2. SideChef

With over 3,500 recipes, SideChef is the perfect sous chef for beginning cooks. The photo instructions and voice commands make the process extremely easy to follow. Once you’ve mastered the art of cooking, try uploading some of your own recipes to the platform!

3. NYT Cooking - Recipes from the New York Times

Access over 15,000 recipes from the New York Times with the NYT Cooking app. The recipes, of course, come with stunning visuals, easy-to-follow directions, and even short videos to illustrate various cooking techniques. It’s perfect for chefs wanting to try something new as well as those looking for some extra guidance in the kitchen. You can use the app for educational purposes or to mark and collect recipes for future use.

4. Handpick

Sometimes you repeatedly open your refrigerator, only to find a bunch of ingredients you have no idea what to do with. Handpick allows you to search the ingredients you have on hand to figure out which pair well for a meal together. Next time you have no idea what to do with the food items you currently have, have Handpick help you decide.