Continuing to paper file your taxes means missing out on a host of advantages that e-filing has to offer, and with companies like TaxAct offering basic e-filing services for free and additional services for a low cost, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. The following are the top 4 reasons why you should seriously consider e-filing:

1. Simple process

In addition to the simple, step by step guide you get when filing your taxes online, you also get a long-term simplicity benefit with e-filing. The electronic record you create when filing your taxes makes it easy to complete the process when filing again in the years to come, and if you need to go back to your records, you know exactly where to find them.

2. Better refunds

When you use an online efile tax preparation program, it can help you discover tax deductions and credits you didn’t previously know about. This could mean bigger tax refunds!

3. Unlimited support

Preparing your taxes can be a stressful time if you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, but know you’re not alone in the process. TaxAct offers unlimited email and phone support for all of your tax and technical questions free of charge!

4. Price Lock Guarantee

While some online tax companies have been infamous for listing one price for their service and then hiking it up at the time of filing, TaxAct has fixed this issue with their price lock guarantee, which means that, no matter when you end up filing, you pay the price that was listed when you started your return.

If you qualify for free filing or don’t have a complicated tax situation, you really can’t beat TaxAct’s pricing, so if you’re ready to file, you can get started taking advantage of all these benefits now.