I’m someone who knows how important it is to wear sunscreen, but when it comes to actually wearing it - I’m not great. I always cleanse, tone and moisturize like everyone else does, but when it comes to putting on sunscreen during my daily skincare routine, I just don’t like the feel of it and so I just tended not to wear it. So, I tried something new - a powder sunscreen brush from Grieshaber Dermatology.

If you don’t know why it’s important to protect yourself from the sun, let me give you a very brief refresher. UV rays can damage your skin, making it look old before its time, creating dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines. So, it needs to be addressed.

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Is Best

So, the Grieshaber Dermatology mineral sunscreen brush is an SPF 50 product, so it gives you lots of protection against sun damage. I chose a mineral sunscreen after all the terrible things I heard about chemical sunscreens destroying the coral reefs and from the first moment I applied it, I noticed just how easy it was to put on.

I found it particularly easy to use thanks to the clever design of the product, with the brush dispensing the powdered sunscreen from inside the handle. I was also pleased to see that it was a full-spectrum product, as this is important too.

The powder sits on top of the skin, rather than being absorbed into it and the fact it’s full-spectrum, means that you get protection from not just the UVB rays that come with sunshine, but also the UVA rays that are able to penetrate clouds. That’s right, you can get sun damage when it’s not sunny!

No Sweating & No Irritation

So, the biggest selling point for this Grieshaber Dermatology sunscreen is the ease at which it can be applied, but a very close second is the fact that it doesn’t irritate my skin. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I’ve had no irritation and it doesn’t make me sweat either, which other types always seemed to.

However, when I do end up sweating, this awesome sunscreen can handle it being water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. I couldn’t ask for anything more, to be honest.

Grieshaber Dermatology Sunscreen Keeps Me Protected

The biggest compliment I can pay this sunscreen brush is that it’s made me wear it everyday, whereas before I was relying totally on using moisturizers with SPF in them to make up for the fact that I hated traditional sunscreen lotions.

My dermatologist used to have a fit when I told her that I just wouldn’t wear sunscreen, but now she’s happy that I’m using something.

I now carry my sunscreen brush with me wherever I go and its design is so smart, as it just looks like I’m applying normal cosmetics - meaning that I have no issue reapplying in public spaces like when I’m on the subway.

I know there’s a bunch of you out there just like me that hate the feel of conventional sunscreens, so I’d certainly recommend giving this one a try. Who knows, you might love it just as much as me and you’ll get the protection you absolutely need every day?

For the sake of your skin, it’s something you should seriously consider.