If you have been in a car accident, you should just focus on getting better. There are a thousand things that you may have to take care of. Insurance, getting your car fixed, applying for a leave of absence and commitments at home are just a few things. You didn’t plan for the accident to happen, but you can plan for someone to take care of all these things for you. Hire a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers are specially equipped to take care of your insurance claims, both personal and for your vehicle. You needn’t do everything yourself. Rely on someone to do these things for you.

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows their way around all the reasons for accidents. If you were injured by a speeding car or drunk driving, a personal injury lawyer knows the best way to file for claims in every kind of accident.

The total number of accidents recorded in California in 2016 was 190,618 which resulted in 3,842 deaths and 278,585 injuries. Road accidents in California account for 12% of the total deaths by accidents in the US. These accidents have been on the rise since 2013 and have increased by 28%.

You don’t need to have a lawyer in touch all the time but it doesn’t hurt to check all the lawyers in your area. You can make a list and keep your own personal directory of lawyers to contact should the need arise. You can never be too careful. Better to be safe than sorry.

Reasons for car accidents

What are the main reasons for accidents in California? Even though most road accidents are caused by mistakes by drivers, there could be other reasons too. Let’s look at the reasons why drivers are liable to others for causing accidents.

  1. Drunk driving

    Alcohol is involved in nearly 40% of the deaths that occur by accidents in California. California is one of the most heavily populated states and the rate of accidents is on the rise. If the alcohol content in the drivers’ bloodstream is 0.08% or more then the driver is considered to be driving under influence (DUI) and is liable to be punished for compromising the safety of others on road.

Drunk driving not only puts the driver at risk but also others. Driving inebriated slows down reaction time and clouds judgment on the road. The driver may not even be able to see the road properly.

  1. Distracted driving

The second most dangerous practice while driving (after drunk driving) is getting distracted while driving. When you get distracted you compromise the safety of everyone on the road. You could be distracted by electronic gadgets like the cell phone. Never text while driving. Never talk on the phone while driving either. This distracts the mind and takes the focus off driving. 40% of the citizens of California admit to using the phone while driving. Keep your focus on the road or you could get in trouble.

  1. Driving faulty/ bulky vehicles

If your vehicle isn’t functioning properly, don’t take it out on the road. It could malfunction in the middle of driving and cause serious injuries and accidents. Trucks and semi-trucks are a growing reason for accidents in California. These trucks do not have much scope for braking and when there’s an accident it could bulldoze through other vehicles. The drivers of these trucks have to be specially qualified to drive these trucks because of the sheer bulk of the trucks. Even the slightest distraction can be fatal because accidents by these trucks cause way more damage than normal accidents. If you want to insulate yourself from these trucks you could go through the information found here.

  1. Speeding

Speeding has always been a major concern for the police of California. The long straight roads are perfect for accidents due to speeding. The average speed for California highways is 65 mph. You may drive at 70mph if there is a special clause that allows it. The speed limit for big vehicles is no more than 55mph. Speeding is the leading cause of accidents across the country and can attract serious legal charges if caught.

The rules are different in different weathers. If you drive 55mph on roads that have a speed limit of 65mph in dense fog, you could be tried for negligence and over speeding. Safety always comes first.

Never compromise safety. You could end up facing serious legal charges. You could get a lawyer to represent you but if you’ve committed a grave mistake then even a lawyer may not be able to do much. If you’re a victim, ensure that you tell all the details to the lawyer to form a strong case. Don’t leave out even a single detail.