There is a stigma around the idea of working from home that suggests such a practice fosters laziness, a lack of productivity, and low income. Occasionally, this is true. But that is not an accurate representation of everyone’s situation. There are a number of benefits of working from home that any motivated individual can take advantage of. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an existing employee, these benefits go well beyond the simple comforts you get from staying in. As long as you make a schedule that works for you and allows you to be productive, working from home can be infinitely more enjoyable and effective than working at an office.

You Save Money

The opportunities for saving money are almost endless. One reason is that you have a great deal of time by not having to commute to and from work. Not only does this give you more free time, but you do not have to pay for gasoline or transit costs. You also qualify yourself for commercial property mortgage rates and can deduct portions of your rent from your taxes when you conduct business out of your own home. Depending on your work and schedule, it also gives you the freedom to work as many or as little hours as you want, which you can translate into financial gains.

A More Relaxing Environment

There is no denying that one of the greatest draws to working from home is the environment. Working from home gives you complete control over your environment, from noise levels to attire. Nowhere else can you write up a full financial report while donning your fleece pajamas and slippers. In a way, the environmental benefits speak for themselves. Not many people need convincing that working from home is a comfortable and positive work environment. This can be risky in that the comfort can turn into a distraction. However, as long as you remain diligent and motivated, all the benefits of working in the comfort of your home can excel rather than limit you.


A huge advantage to working from home is the independence gained. Independence can be a huge driving force of some of the most important work ethics, including productivity and creativity. As an employee, you can always push things off until Monday, or get help from a co-worker. But when you work from home, you make your own schedule. This can be both emotionally empowering, and organizationally effective. This is especially true for self-identified introverts, who flourish in environments that offer them quiet time to themselves. While conversation and group collaboration can help encourage creativity, sometimes independent work is equally as important. Independence is an opportunity for immense focus and internal motivation that can help you produce your best work.

You’re Saving the Environment

Not having to commute to work also has significant environmental benefits, so if you’re hoping to reduce your carbon footprint, working from home could be your next step. By working from home you burn less fuel and require less overall material production as an employee. Offices can save on supplies and products when their employees are able to take care of themselves from home. The freedom of working from home gives you more time to focus on your goals and ambitions rather than wasting time, energy, and resources doing a job you hate in an environment that suffocates you. In our modern economy, we all need to try and consume less. Since you’ve already got a home to live in, why not do more with it?