By now, all of us are almost very well-familiar with COVID-19 and the Coronavirus. It has been almost one and a half years that the whole world has encountered a pandemic. People are increasingly falling prey to the virus and now the latest news says that children are also very likely to get infected with the disease and that they can pass it on to others around. The good side of the story is that children and young adults are at the lowest risk of developing a severe infection. Also, younger children are less likely to transmit the virus. However, medical researchers and healthcare specialists urge that parents should make their children wear face masks because prevention is always better than cure.

The severity of the disease depends on the immunity of the person and what if your child’s immune system is not that strong? What if he/she catches the virus and, unlike most of the other children, develops a severe disease? In this case, it is always better to be on the safe side. To save your child from the curse of the 2020 pandemic and to save others from your infected child, make them wear a mask! You don’t need to make them wear medical grade or N95 respirators, we have kids disposable face mask made in USA that do the right. These masks catch the droplets of cough and sneezes of the wearer so that they don’t infect others. Also, they protect the wearer from inhaling infected air and suspended droplets from the surrounding.

To help you a little, we’ve gathered some important information that can help you make your child wear a face mask right. So let’s begin.   

Rightful tips for wearing a face mask right

Children under 5 years are not recommended to wear masks. It is because they might have troubled breathing. However, if you want them to wear one, make sure it is a simple fabric mask that doesn’t hamper their breathing process. This should be done only if the child is physically close to someone infected or lives in an area where the infection rate is high. For children about 6 years and above, kids disposable masks made in USA work the best. This too is required when the child is going out in public settings.

To ensure complete safety, make sure your child is wearing the mask correctly. Check out these tips for guidance.

  1. First thing first, adults’ masks don’t fit children properly. So, make sure to buy a mask made for children so that it fits their face properly. The mask should cover their mouth, nose, and chin area completely. No side gaps at all.
  2. Teach your children to wash their hands every time they wear or take off their masks.
  3. You may stand before them and wear a mask and ask them to copy you. Or you can make them wear a mask once and ask them to do it themselves afterward.
  4. Keep a check on whether your child is comfortably breathing in the mask, especially when they are talking, walking briskly or running, etc.
  5. Ensure that your child practices other safety measures along with wearing a mask. For instance, he/she must carry a sanitizer everywhere and ask them to sanitize their hands as often as possible. Also, instruct them to keep a distance of at least 1m from people in crowded places.
  6. Make sure that they dispose their mask off properly when not in use.
  7. Ask them not to touch the surface of the mask or pull the mask below their nose or chin.

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