picture: lifehack.org

Once all the holiday parties are done, what are you left with?  A lot to clean.  Everyone wants to start out the new year with a clean slate, and a clean home.  Although this is an activity that you cannot get around, who says it has to be torture?  Here are a few tricks to make cleaning your house not only more bearable, but even enjoyable.

1. Use quality products that actually smell good

It is not a surprise that many household cleaning products have harsh chemicals that not only harm the environment, but also harm the people that use them.  Windows have to be opened and masks have to be worn, due to the harsh chemical odors.  In a world that is growing more aware of the the effects of harsh chemicals, some companies have made it their goal to provide safe household cleaning products.  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is an example.  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products clean just as well as the other products on the shelves at the super market, without any of the harsh chemicals.  The best part about this product is the smell. This product line was inspired by a daughter of a mother of nine, that wanted to make a product that smelled like her mother’s garden.  One whiff and you will be sold!  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are made with essential oils from flowers and herbs.  This combination will leave your house smelling better than ever.  Mrs. Meyer’s will make your own clean day ten times more relaxing. http://www.mrsmeyers.com/


2.  Make a playlist or listen to an audiobook

Listening to music while running or taking a road trip makes the time fly by.  Who says the same can’t be applied to cleaning?  Cleaning while listening to music or an audio book will not only make cleaning go by more quickly, but will make it fun too!


3.  Try having a cleaning partner

One of the funnest ways to make cleaning go back faster is having a cleaning partner.  Whether it is your spouse or your roommate, cleaning with someone can be a great time to catch up!  Sometimes with the busyness of life, people do not have time to slow down and talk to each other.  This can be a great way to reconnect and get things done at the same time.


4.  Treat yourself when you are done

Whether it be a nice bath or going out to dinner to avoid dirtying your newly clean kitchen, there is no shame in treating yourself after hard work.  Sometimes working towards something and having an incentive is the easiest way for motivation to kick in.

Cleaning is hard work, but it does not have to be unenjoyable.  These small tricks may leave you feeling relaxed, rewarded, and reconnected, and your house clean and aromatic.