As Winter emerges so does its dastardly wrath on our bodies and psyche. Here are some ways to fight Father Winter’s onslaught-

  • Clothes- The best way to ensure your comfort during the winter is by wearing the right clothes. Your winter gear will obviously be different than your summer wardrobe, but sometimes fashion might have to take a back seat to warmth. Purchase some long johns and if they make you too hot, then just wear either the tops or the bottoms. I usually go with the bottoms because they secure a more consistent temperature compared to wearing only the top. For socks make sure to wear wool socks. They aren’t cheap, but they will be worth it. If you plan to be active in your wool socks, then to ensure that you don’t have sweaty stink feet when you take off your boots, which can embarrass you in front of your friends, make sure to wear a pair of regular ankle socks under your wool ones. For extra insurance put Gold Bond foot powder in your socks which will keep them drier and smelling fresh. In the winter time, make sure to wear a thick coat. Layers work, but they tend to let out more body heat than a nice thick coat. Layers are better for the Fall and Spring seasons. Finally, make sure to wear a hat if you are cold because most of your body heat escapes from your head.
  • Body Parts- The dry winter weather makes most people’s skin dry, scaly, and potentially sore. Make sure to use lotion or even special healing lotion on your hands and wherever else you made need it. Everyone has their favorite, and there are many price ranges so make sure to stock up. For your lips, I recommend Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm and Eos lip balm which is contained in fancy eggs.
  • Drinks- For a delightful drink that will warm your core I recommend coffee with Irish cream, Hot Chocolate with Rum, Hot Buttered Rum, Starbuck’s Carmel Apple Spice, or Cranberry Wassail.
  • Medicine- Make sure to have cough syrup and cold medicine on hand. Also, ginger ale and Saltines are great for those who get the flu. Honey is fantastic for sore throats and coughs, and you can’t be without a full supply of either chicken noodle soup or chicken stock.
  • Holiday Gift Strategy- For Christmas, Festivus, Hanukah, or whatever holiday you celebrate, if someone asks you what you want for a gift, then make sure to tell them movie theater gift cards and gift cards for your favorite restaurants. Heading out to the movies or grabbing a nice meal can sometimes beat those cabin fever blues that the winter brings on so harshly.