Organizing your life properly doesn’t necessarily involve big changes like selling your house, or pledge your allegiance to some radical cult. Actually most people will find it surprisingly easy to change their life for the better, they just need a gentle push in the right direction.

In this easy guide you’ll be taken through 5 useful tips on how to properly organize your life, so you can improve your overall well-being, and prevent stress.

KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Overthinking and overdoing things are almost a national sport at this point, with too many people prioritizing their time and efforts on all the wrong things. Who said you can’t be happy without a 1 million-dollar mansion with one sportscar per adult? Who said you have to travel to exclusive destinations and stay at the most expensive hotels to enjoy a few weeks off?

If you think about it, do you really become genuinely happier when you have more money?

There’s a reason why tiny homes and living off the grid are now trending more than ever, because more and more people are starting to realise what life is all about. They want to regain control of their own lives, instead of being imprisoned by a debt so high it takes decades to pay off.

Start Exercising on a Regular Basis

Exercising doesn’t help you to directly organize your life better, but it increases your energy level and overall well-being, so you become able to achieve more during the day.

You probably remember those days where family and friends gather around big remodeling projects or relocations. Days, where you almost couldn’t feel your arms and legs after countless hours of hard labor. For some reason you feel happy at the end of these days, because you accomplished something. Your blood pumped through your body at speeds you never imagined possible, and your mind feels clear. That’s the feeling you will get after every workout session, no matter what you choose to do. It doesn’t matter whether you join a gym and go through your workout 2-3 times a week, or you run a couple of miles every day. You might want to ride a bike to work instead of driving your car, which is also a great way of getting your daily exercise, without actually going to the gym or spending excess time on it.

The most important thing is to do it on a regular basis, and then you will start feeling the results within only a few months.

Keep Your Home Clean

This might sound like a basic advice, but many people neglect it anyway. Keeping your home clean and tidy doesn’t only make it look nice, it comes with a lot of benefits as well.

A clean home won’t attract unwanted creepy crawlers like ants and cockroaches, and your indoor climate will improve significantly, which is especially great if you suffer from asthma or dust allergy.

Vacuuming your home on a daily basis is a great idea, so is keeping everything organized. You should also wash your bed linen at least once a week, and if you wash it in hot water above 140 degress (60 degress C), you will effectively kill off dust mites.

Buying a robot vacuum to assist you on every day cleaning might be a great idea, especially if you have kids and/or pets, as they tend to cause more mess than one adult or a couple.

One out of many places to look for a new robot vacuum is on, and besides that you might want to read up on most recent reviews spread across the Internet.

Plan and Cook Your Own Food (From the Scratch)

Part of organizing and improving your life is to plan your meals, so you make sure you get a balanced and healthy meal with all the nutrients you need.

What you most likely want to do, is to cut down on prefabricated food items, junk food and restaurant visits, and instead starting to cook your own food from the scratch. With a little practice it will become easier and easier as time passes by, and you might even end up having fun in the kitchen.

Cooking your own food from the scratch requires some of the best kitchenware, and before buying new items, you might want to check out reviews online by either searching through or reading the numerous amount of reviews posted online.