Moving to a new city is exciting, but it can also be a scary time. When you moved out for college, maybe you were nervous about living away from home for the first time, but you probably didn’t have to think too much about where to make friends. You likely lived amongst like-minded people who were roughly the same age as you. You constantly met new people in different classes and clubs on campus, and you maybe you had much more time and energy to go out on the weekends.

The circumstances change a little when you move to a new city after college, and if you’re having some trouble making friends as an adult, you certainly are not alone. While it may take a little more work, know that making meaningful friendships post-grad is not impossible. Try these 7 simple tips:

1. Take a class


Sign up for a course you’re interested in at a local community college or try a spin class at the gym. Being part of a class exposes you to a large group of people you may not have ever met otherwise.

2. Reconnect with old friends

If you moved back to your hometown after college, reach out to friends who you may have lost touched with. It could be incredibly easy to pick up right where you left off.

3. Introduce yourself to friends of friends

Do you have a friend who knows someone living in the city you’re moving to? Ask them to connect you on social media. The can help you get acquainted with the new city and even introduce you to a new social circle.

4. Spend time outside of work with coworkers

If coworkers are setting up a happy hour event, make the effort to attend and get to know them. These are people that you’re likely going to be spending long hours with, so it doesn’t hurt if you actually turn out to be friends too!

5. Go to a networking event


If you hear of a networking event going on in your city, go! Even if it means you have to go alone, you should attend. You can get helpful tips for your career, and you can meet interesting people in your line of work.

6. Attend a meetup

With groups created for people into everything from music to sports to cooking to coding, meetups make it really easy to meet new people. Attend a meetup, and try putting in the extra effort to hang out with those you click with outside of meetup events too.

7. Find friends online

If you’ve connected with someone on social media who’s local or follow a local blogger, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. You can also try out BFF feature on the Bumble app to find others looking for people to hang out with.