When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to store your expensive fur coats and shield from the heat. A significant chunk of proper fur maintenance is storage. If stored in poor conditions, a fur coat can get severely damaged in a single season.

In this post, we share 7 storage tips to ensure your expensive fur coat remains good as new for years to come.

Pick a Dark Storage Location

When exposed to direct sunlight, fur coats start to oxidize. Overexposure can cause them to lose their natural color. For example, a black fur coat left in the sun will in time turn brownish and lose its jet-black appearance. Similarly, a spotless white coat would develop an ugly yellowish tinge following excessive sun exposure. This is why it’s important to pick a storage cabinet that’s away from the windows and doesn’t receive any direct sunlight.

Ensure the Storage Cabinet You Select is in a Cool Spot

You need to understand that men’s fur coats for extreme cold weather cannot handle high temperatures. Therefore, you need to ensure your fur coat is shielded from the summer heat and direct sunlight. Pick a cabinet that doesn’t receive any direct sunlight and is located in a room that remains air conditioned for a significant portion of the day.

Never Use Moth Balls

You know how moth balls aka naphthalene balls have a peculiar smell. As it turns out, fur coats are excellent at absorbing smells and keeping them trapped inside their tiny fibers. Unless you want your expensive fur coat to smell like moth balls, it’s best to avoid using them altogether.

Never Pack a Fur Coat Inside a Plastic Bag

Fur coats need to breathe. This means they need to be covered by a bag that allows air to pass. Plastic bags or garment storage bags made from plastic materials are not ideal for fur coats. Either use a cotton storage bag to store your fur coat or ask the manufacturer to provide a bag specifically designed to store fur coats. Most fur coat sellers give their customers a breathable fur storage bag for free.

Allow Your Fur Coat to Hang Freely

Folding the fur coat may cause it to develop creases and thus look unattractive. Aggressive folding can also cause your coat to lose its natural shape. The best way to store a fur coat is by letting it hang. This prevents crumpling and prevents unnecessary stress on the fibers.

Avoid Damp Storage Spots

Basements tend to get damp. Any storage cabinets kept in the basement can thus also become damp. When kept in a damp spot, a fur coat can become a breeding ground for mould. Ensure the storage cabinet you select is not near a wall that’s prone to moisture damage or located in a damp basement.

Buy a Proper Fur Coat Hanger

Regular hangers do not offer proper shoulder support. This means a portion of the shoulder sags and remains under pressure throughout the storage period. The stress is enough to misshape the shoulders of even the most durable fur coats. Pick a proper fur coat hanger that allows the entire length of the shoulders to rest. Fur coat hangers are often given for free by coat manufacturers along with storage bags.