Living a little greener doesn’t have to mean making drastic life changes. Tweaking your current routine could get you to be a better environmentalist and inspire your coworkers to do the same. Here are 7 ways to go green at work:

1. Recycle

This one seems obvious, but you’ve probably seen coworkers throw recyclables away into trash bins. Have a recycling bin set up at work, and don’t be afraid to leave notes reminding others to recycle empty cans and bottles.

2. Carpool

If it’s possible, walk or ride your bike to work. If not, try to use public transportation or set up a carpool system with coworkers. You don’t have to carpool every day if it’s not feasible, but even a few times a week could make a difference.

3. Choose reusable


When packing your lunch for the day, choose tupperware that you can wash and reuse. Bring your coffee to work in a thermos that you can use daily, rather than opting for a paper cup, and bring a reusable water bottle you can refill at the watercooler rather than going through multiple tiny, plastic cups.

4. Keep scratch paper handy

There’s no need to use a new Post-It for every note or idea you need to jot down. Keep scratch paper handy for when you need to write down reminders for yourself.

5. Print double-sided

Cut down on your paper usage by printing meeting agendas and notes on both sides of the paper. Better yet, we’re living in a digital age, so go paperless when you can!

6. Purchase a plant


A desk plant can make your office space a little more aesthetically pleasing, but it also absorbs pollutants.

7. Be intentional

Be mindful of your actions throughout the day and consistently ask yourself whether you can be a little more environmentally conscious. Small changes made daily can lead to a huge lifestyle change over time.