Do you stare at your cell phone constantly throughout your day?  When you are bored, is pulling out your phone your go-to activity?  Do you freak out if you do not have your phone on you?  Sadly, a majority of the millennial population would answer “yes” to all these questions.  Although millennials are some of the most brilliant and passionate people out there, a majority seem to be enslaved to their cell phones.  This enslavement to cellphones causes people to not be present where they are.  The constant texting conversations have taken away the development of actual face-to-face conversation skills.  People have forgotten how to live without the presence of their phones.  People cannot just sit and enjoy a concert, a view, or nice dinner with their spouse anymore without pulling out their phone and taking a picture.  When was the last time you unplugged, looked around you, and enjoyed the moment you were in?  Here are activities that you can replace looking at your phone with!  These activities may wean you off the habit of always being glued to your phone.

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Reading a book

Back before movies and television, books were one of the main sources of entertainment. has made a great list of the benefits of reading that includes mental stimulation, stress reduction, gained knowledge, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, stronger analytical thinking skills, better writing skills, and improved focus and concentration.  You will not only be a more well rounded person through reading books, but it may also kick the itch to constantly be on your phone.  The constant monitoring of your cell phone and the “ADD-like” behavior of multi-tasking has lowered the attention spans and productivity levels of people today.  The reading of books counteracts these habits and behaviors by having you concentrate and focus on one thing, your book.

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Going out into nature/ Going on a walk

Nothing is more refreshing than being out in nature or taking a walk.  Instead of looking at pretty pictures of pretty places on your cell phone, go out and see them!  Being outside can actually help prevent a health related issue related to the constant monitoring of your phone.  This issue is called Computer Vision Syndrome.  According to the, that Computer Vision Syndrome is “the term used to describe eye problems caused by staring at a screen close to your face for prolonged periods.  Do you work on a computer for a living?  Do you watch TV when you’re not working?  If so, you’re at risk of developing the symptoms associated with CVS: blurred vision, double vision, dry/red eyes, eye irritation, headaches, and neck or back pain.  Getting outside and focusing on objects not two feet from your face can help to prevent and even reverse these symptoms.”  You may not realize how your cellphone habits might be affecting your health.

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Writing some letters

Before text messaging, people wrote letters to each other.  This may seem very “old-school” to you, but it can be therapeutic.  Instead of sitting there and texting everyone, get out a paper, pen, and some stamps!  This activity is not only fun, but it will actually improve your writing skills and attention span.  Not to mention, it is much more romantic to write a letter to your special someone than texting them.

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Just because cell phones and technology are all around you does not mean you have to be consumed by it.  Next time you feel the itch to be glued to your phone, try picking up a book, going on a walk, or writing a letter.  You would be surprised at how much it can help.