Father’s Day is right around the corner on June 18. So what should you get that man in your life that is unique and more exciting than a piece of folded cardboard? What if I were to tell you that instead of a gift basket you could get him a manly gift crate? What? That is correct, the geniuses at mancrates.com can send someone you love an awesome crate full of themed gifts along with a crowbar for opening.

They have crates for the meat lover. They have ones for the beer lover. They have crates for the grilling chef. Here are some others with unique contents-

  • Outdoor Survival Crate- This one comes with a GSI Halulite Minimalist one person coolest, a Multi-tool with carrying bag, which includes a shovel, saw, pickaxe, hammer, and axe heads, a compass, a FM21-76 Army Survival Field Manual, a paracord knife with firestarter, Fifty feet of paracord, and emergency blanket and glow sticks, a meal bar and beef jerky [caption id=“attachment_11280” align=“alignnone” width=“702”]oscr-survival-gear-gifts-for-the-outdoor-man__48897.1479410139.1280.1280 Mancrates.com[/caption]
  • Whiskey Appreciation Crate- This comes with a personalized Whiskey Decanter, two personalized Heavy Bottom Rocks glasses (9 oz.), 2 Tovolo Ice Sphere molds, two slate coasters, thirty-three drams whiskey drinking journal, Squirrel brand spiced peppercorn peanuts, salted pistachios, Sahale Snacks Cranberry Pecans [caption id=“attachment_11281” align=“alignnone” width=“702”]wa_engraved_whiskey_gift_collection_for_bold_men__89003.1479337561.1280.1280 Mancrates.com[/caption]
  • Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate- This provides the recipient with SKLZ Core Wheels, SKLZ adjustable jump rope, a twenty-two ounce Blender Bottle, and several protein edible products. [caption id=“attachment_11282” align=“alignnone” width=“700”]Muscle-hustle-blender-bottle-sklz-fitness-workout-body-building-supplements-hammer-awesome-gifts-for-men-man-crates__52237.1494536664.1280.1280 mancrates.com[/caption]
  • Zombie Suppression Crate- This comes with an Elk Ridge Machete, MTech USA 11” Axe, Zombie survival guide, Zombie flashlight, First Aid Kit, Duct Tape, and a can of Spam. [caption id=“attachment_11283” align=“alignnone” width=“702”]z2-zombie-survival-gear-giftset-for-guys-awesome__43086.1482503630.1280.1280 mancrates.com[/caption]
  • Office Golf Crate- This contains a SKLZ Chipping Training Net, twelve impact practice balls, Turf Chipping Mat & Rubber Tee, Putt Pocket Training Cup and a Line M Up ball marking tool. [caption id=“attachment_11284” align=“alignnone” width=“702”]og-the-ultimate-golf-training-gift-for-the-office-guy__89633.1479324632.702.702 mancrates.com[/caption]

They have so many more crates and other products that they sell in addition to their manly containers. Check it out!

Here are some other websites for unique Father’s day gifts-