A lot of people are now on the ‘elevator shoes’ trend. And you might be wondering why people are seriously buying these types of shoes. But, worry no more because this is why we are here. We will be writing extensively on what you stand to gain by wearing them below.

Increases Height

One major reason men wear elevator shoes and women wear heels is to look taller. With elevator shoes, you will gain extra height and people will think you are taller than you are. Also, with elevator shoes, you can get your height upped by up to 6 inches. Cool right? We think so too. Besides, another good thing about using elevator shoes to increase your height is that it is almost unnoticeable. This means; unlike women’s heels that are usually obvious, the people you meet won’t know the type of shoe you are wearing.


Improves Posture

Besides giving you an extra lift in height, elevator shoes help to improve your walking posture. This is because most elevator shoes have flat, elevated insoles. Because of this, you are sure to stand straight and walk straight. In light of this, your posture will improve over time hereby making you more attractive to people.

Boosts Confidence

It has been proven that tall men tend to be more confident. This is because society is conditioned to view tall men as ‘alpha male’ compared to shorter men. Besides, women are more attracted to taller men. Because of this; since you look taller in elevated shoes, you have more confidence to strut around. You suddenly become more comfortable talking to people. So, if you want to feel more confident about yourself; try to rock elevator shoes.

It Comes In Different Styles

Regardless of your style taste or the event you want to attend, there’s always an elevator shoe for you. This is because elevator shoes come in sneakers, loafers, boots and even ‘office shoes’. Because of this, rest assured that your little height secret won’t be exposed because you could not find a shoe that suits an occasion to wear.



Elevator shoes remain one of the most comfortable height increasing shoes you will ever find. The reason for this is because the soles are mostly levelled which means you can stand with them for hours without feeling uncomfortable. However, you can’t say the same for shoes like heels.

Aids Communication

Communication is better when people can look into each other’s eyes to study their facial expression. When you are short, it makes it hard for you to keep eye contact with people. This is where elevator shoes come in. Because of the extra height, you have gained; your communication will be better as people can now look into your eyes easily.


From the benefits we highlighted in this article, you can agree with us that elevator shoes are a fashion piece you should have in your closet. Note that these shoes are not for short people alone and regardless of your height; you can always do with extra height boost.