Updated: May 11, 2017


We all love freebies, don’t we?

Saving money is great but getting free stuff feels even more gratifying. There are many websites out there where one can get brand-name items for free. Knowing where to find these free samples and deals can save you a significant amount of money on a variety of quality products. Below are some of the best sources to find free stuff anytime.



Regardless of its questionable reputation, Craigslist is a great source of free stuff. Many people have used items in decent condition but they are replacing those items anyway and don’t want to throw those away. They’d prefer to give those items a second life with someone else. Such kind of acts is forming a new rising phenomenon called freecycling, which promotes green living and reduction of new goods manufacturing.

Reddit (eFreebies+freebies)

This subreddit (/r/eFreebies+freebies/) is a great place to look for freebies and updated offers. Reddit is in a way similar to Craigslist that its contents are generated by users. This means that you’ll find deals, discounts, and free samples posted by regular online users on a daily basis.


The website provides an unique way to get free products in exchange for reviews. They send different kind of products to their users to test at home and get their opinions. You will need to invest some time to test and review their products. You can also get rewards when you help promote their products to your friends and family.

The Honest Company

Founded by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company offers free discovery kits, including diapers, wipes, and other essentials. The company provides eco-friendly household and baby products to families at an affordable price. You could read a more detailed review of some of their products here.


Influenster usually sends out thousands of free sample boxes a month in hopes that you’d share your experience on social media and influence other people to buy products. They have a huge community and you’d need an invite from an existing member to join.


Every month they mail you free samples of products of your choice to try. Then they ask you to review those products on their website so they could send you more. The shipping is also free. Sometimes they tuck extra samples and gift cards.


Freeflys is a well-known free sample directory that featured on TV many times. It offers hundreds of products free of charge in food, beauty, children, health, and other categories. You’ll need to register as a member to start browsing their directory.

Get It Free

The website offers consumers a variety of ways to save money. They have a huge list of free stuff, deals and coupons that will help people save on everyday items.


Running since 2008, this is one of the most efficient freebie websites which is updated around the clock. There are loads of freebies up for grabs. They have free samples are related to health, magazines, gift cards, beauty and even food samples.

Sample A Day

The website was created by two guys, Nick and Scott. They love two things: free stuff and humor. So you may come across some of their trademark humor as you’re looking for freebies on the website. Sample A Day simply gives you the links that take to directly to third-party pages with free sample. These guys make it easier for their subscriber as they spend a good amount of time on finding good offers before posting them.

Woman Freebies

Woman Freebies has a huge number of free samples, coupons, savings, sweepstakes and daily giveaways for its visitors. You can join their list to get the best free samples from favorite brands.


You’ll have access to free samples of many household items on this website. They are an aggregator that search for and post daily free samples, coupons, deals, etc.

I Love Free Things

The website has been working since 2006 and featured by Fox and ABC 13. They link companies’ offers with consumers on a regular basis. They provide an easy to use directory of free samples, deals, and other free offers for consumers to connect with products they’re interested in trying. I Love Free Things has offers in over 25 different categories which are updated daily.

Hey It’s Free (HIF)

Hey It’s Free (HIF) is a good source dedicated to finding the best freebies on the Internet throughout the year. You can find legitimate coupons for a lot of things as they filter out the spam and junk. The website may not be the most active and doesn’t have as many offers as others but they usually deliver quality freebies and samples with no spam.

Freaky Freddie’s

The site has been around since 2001 and offers deals on products and and free stuff for both grown-ups and kids.

Recycle The World

This is another freecycling website that allows consumers to post and find free stuff nearby. It’s easy-to-use and enables users to give, sell, and recycle their unwanted items.

Freebie Depot

Freebie Depot offers almost everything from daily deals to birthday giveaways across a range of products and services from various established brands and retailers.


The site works with companies that distribute samples on the first come first serve basis. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive samples you request. But there are many of them on the site so you can request multiple samples with no issues.

I Crave Freebies

Like many online sources of free samples, I Crave Freebies offers links discounts and free samples. It also provides links to sites that pay you to take surveys which may be a great way to make some extra money.


Besides its main goal of finding great free stuff, Freebies.com tries to find fun ways to reward members for their time too. As a member you’ll get points for being active on our website. Then you can use earned points to win great prizes.

Free Stuff Times

The website provides information of full-size free stuff and samples. They have a lot of great deals posted daily.


This website allows you to choose freebies from different categories such as automotive, cosmetics, education, software, jewelry, travel, etc. They also ahve discount vouchers, trial offers, and coupons.

Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy Coupon Lady has a database of coupons, lots of tips, daily deal information, and a daily newsletter. If you are new to couponing, these are great resources to help you get started.


Coupons.com is mostly just printable coupons, but there is also a section of codes for online shopping. Just make sure you are only selecting coupons you know you will use, and that they print clearly so cashiers can scan them.