Metal detectors have become quite specialized and powerful pieces of equipment but many people don’t really know how to use their detector. This article explains some common metal detecting mistakes and how to keep them from happening so you can find more treasure.

If you’re not using your metal detector correctly you may just go over valuable finds and not even know it. Many people make these mistakes without being aware, but if you follow these tips and focus, you won’t be one of them.

Proper Metal Detector Motion

The basic use of a metal detector is by using a swinging motion. Not the swinging a weed eater type of swing but a nice slow swing at a slow walk. That may sound simple enough but it is important to remember that your detector needs time to process before it can give a signal.

Go too fast over the area and the metal detector can’t do its job. By focusing on the basics, you will increase the amount of treasure you find.

Metal Detector Ground Clearance

Keep your detector low to the ground, just a few inches away and parallel to the ground. This will give you the best depth reading and more finds. Most detectors, if you are perfectly parallel to the ground, will scan down to about 10 inches on average.

If you have your detector 5 inches off the ground, then anything 6 inches underground will be missed. If you are only 3 inches you will find things deeper.

Best Position for Detecting

Another common detecting mistake is you need to overlap the area you had already been and keep your coil at a consistent distance, parallel to the ground to get the best depth reading. It’s easy to lose concentration and enjoy your surroundings but you must keep focus and sweep in a uniform fashion if you plan to find anything.

Don’t make these same common detecting mistakes and check out for more metal detecting tips and reviews.