Life is full of ups and downs. Unfortunately, even if you plan carefully, things can still go badly wrong. For example, your secure job could suddenly disappear or you could get sick and not be able to earn for a while. So, you need to have something in reserve so that you can still enjoy life while you look for a solution to your problems.

Of course, you should get into the habit of putting some of what you earn into a savings account, one that offers you a good rate of interest. But, there are other ways to make sure that you have something in reserve that you can also fall back on. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

Gold and other precious metals

Having some gold or silver available to pawn or sell is one option. It could be in the form of gold bullion, coins or jewelry, whichever you prefer. These days, you can easily buy all of these. Should you find that you need cash, you can sell them or, if you prefer, pawn them. In times of financial crisis or extreme emergencies, precious metals can often still be exchanged for critical goods. So, if you are a bit of a prepper this option may be of particular interest to you.

Keep your food cupboard well stocked

Speaking of prepping, it is always worth having some extra food in your house. That way should you lose your job you will still be able to eat while you search for work. It does not do any harm to have enough tinned and dry goods in your cupboards to take you through a few months. Just remember to rotate what you buy so nothing goes out of date and has to be thrown away.

Learn some extra skills

Being able to turn your hand to anything so to speak is always handy. People who have plenty of skills find it much easier to find well-paid employment than those that can only do one or two things. Being able to set up and run a side business can help you to recover from a family emergency that has left you in debt.

Look after your stuff

Taking good care of everything you own is a good habit to get into. Doing so means that things are less likely to break, so you will not end up spending as much. That in turn means that you will be able to save more.

Plus, if you should you need to sell some of your stuff to raise some cash to cover an unforeseen eventuality it should be easy to do so. Items that have clearly been well looked after will sell fast and for more money.

Stay fit and healthy

If you are fit and healthy you will find it far easier to get through tough times. You will have more physical reserves and energy, which will help you to cope better with the stress of the situation. Numerous studies have shown that exercising helps to keep stress levels under control. So, it is wise to get into the habit of staying fit as soon as possible. If you need convincing of the connection between exercise and how well you cope with stress, you can find out more by going to this article.