Gluten-sensitivity or allergies can cause anything from mild or severe headaches and body aches to life-threatening reactions. While many people find that they are sensitive or allergic to gluten, many restaurants have lagged behind in providing a quality or tasty menu for this section of the consumer market. Although some claim to have gluten free options, those choices tend to be merely average tasting while providing little incentive towards purchasing the special product at a higher price. However, five great mid-priced restaurants provide quality gluten free menus and reasonably ensure not to cross-contaminate the food. We will start with the cheaper and move onto the more expensive formal eateries as we take a brief tour around the culinary globe.

  1. Chipotle- This “McDonalds want-to-be” surpasses the original casual eatery in the area of gluten-free dining. Almost all of their menu is gluten free except for the flour shells. That leaves you with the options of a bowl or corn shelled tacos with any of their current ingredients.

  2. Red Robin- This burger joint offers a wide variety of different menu items, and many are gluten free. In fact, their hamburgers can come on a tasty gluten-free bun for only one dollar more. They also take care to cook your french fries in a separate fryer if you let the waiter know you have an allergy.

    [caption id=“attachment_7598” align=“aligncenter” width=“400”]southern-charm-400x195 via Red Robin- Southern Charm Burger[/caption]

  3. Sizzler- This restaurant offers a salad and food bar along with their many gluten-free entree choices. You can order anything from chicken to steak along with baked potatoes and other side options.

  4. The Cheesecake Factory- The plant that produces cream-cheese cakes is also a foundry of many various other food items that fill a menu the size of a book. If you let your server know you are a gluten-free customer, they will accommodate your needs as many of the menu items can be made without gluten products. They even have a gluten-free cheesecake for those who love the dessert.

  5. P.F. Chang’s- A Chinese Bistro that serves some of the best food around, they also offer a pleasant dining experience. With over 15 items, P.F. Chang’s has a gluten-free menu that cannot be beaten. In addition to its delectable entrees that allows the allergen sensitive customer to experience an authentic Oriental-American dish, they also offer several gluten-free desserts.

    [caption id=“attachment_7595” align=“aligncenter” width=“232”]PF-CHANGS-GF-SINGAPORE-STREET-NOODLES-sm via PF Changs[/caption]