Ramen noodles have been around for what seems like forever. It has been an age old adage that Ramen noodles are for the struggling college student. But alas that is just a guise. The Ramen noodle diet has the ability to touch everyone from the individual that only has a couple bucks and can only afford Ramen noodles to the individual who can eat caviar for breakfast but instead chooses Ramen noodles. The undeniably legendary appeal of Ramen noodles is both awe-inspiring and confusing. In today’s trend of healthy, carb-free, gluten-free, just open your mouth and eat air for dinner diets, Ramen noodles still can make the biggest health nut turn on their microwave.

Whether you're going in on a hot bowl of steaming instant ramen or you get fancy with trying [one of the greatest ramen restaurants ever](http://jinya-ramenbar.com/), Ramen is the unicorn of the food industry.