Social media is the perfect place to implement your marketing strategies in order to reach a larger audience. Nowadays, people spend countless hours on social platforms, and they tend to communicate with their brands of interest through those websites.

By having a strong presence online, you will be able to communicate with those clients improving your brand’s popularity and making them more loyal.

Social Media Requires a Plan

As with everything else in life, you must prepare yourself before you start with the hard work. Thus, you will need a professionally-tailored marketing plan to reach your goals.

Executing a well-developed plan could lead to numerous benefits such as:

  • More Conversions
  • Increased Traffic
  • Improved Relationship with Existing Clients
  • Raised Awareness of Brand

How Social Platforms Benefit Your Business

What can you expect from social media? It can establish a certain identity to your brand, which will make you easily distinguishable. Moreover, your current clients will establish a special connection with you, when you engage with them online.

  1. Content - Through social media platforms, you can start sharing the content you’ve already created. This includes articles, photos, products, and almost anything you can think of. You can present the story of your company online, but remember that users wish to read valuable content, so keep that in mind!
  2. Brand Image - You need to establish a consistent image on all social media platforms, and if you are consistent enough, people will remember you. Each platform features its very own environment, and your strategy must be optimized in order to benefit the most from all of them.
  3. Blogging - As previously mentioned, valuable content is one of the most important things for every brand, as this is what people seek out. On social media, you can easily spread the blog posts you’ve created within your site, which would eventually drive both traffic and sales.
  4. Links - Social media marketing is connected. The original content posted can earn you some high-quality links when it is shared on social media or other websites. If your content is frequently linked to, search engines will understand that your site is an authority and that it should be ranked higher.
  5. Competition Analysis - The most important step of growing a business is to analyze your competitors. It can provide you with valuable information about which keywords are working and from where they get their backlinks. You can find out what social media marketing techniques they are using and then utilize them to receive even better results.

In modern days, most people rely on their smartphones and laptops to find information about businesses, and not only that, but they tend to spend hours on social media. That’s why businesses must adjust their advertising techniques in order to utilize the vast opportunity that comes from social media, where millions of people spend their free time. Proper web design is now of extreme importance too, as customers prefer a simplistic, user-friendly site.

According to one of the most popular magazines, Forbes, internet advertising revenues have surpassed those of broadcast TV for the first time. Newspaper advertising is also suffering from a 6.5% fall, whereas digital advertising experiences an improvement of almost two percent.

Research conducted by Android Digital shows that 36% of all people involved in the study, state that digital marketing is more effective, as it catches attention more quickly.

Social Media Statistics

  • There are over 3.2 billion users on the internet.
  • 3 billion are active social media users.
  • Over one million new users join social media platforms every single day.
  • The average internet user has about 5.5 social media accounts.
  • Users of social media platforms have increased by 176 million for a year only.
  • More than 90% of all retail brands have at least two social media channels.

The fact is that there are millions of people available on the internet, and social media allows you to reach them if you implement the proper strategy. Each person has the potential to become your client because social medias is efficient in reaching a greater audience if you invest the right amount of time and money.

If you are still wondering whether you should advertise or not, we have created a short list of the reasons you should consider doing so:

  • Social media advertising is becoming a more common practice.
  • It can increase your brand’s awareness.
  • It’s a great way to stay competitive in your field.
  • It can help show your audience how your product is unique.

These are only a few of a much greater list of advantages of social media. The idea of this exercise is to show you whether or not you need advertising at all.

In order to have success in advertising your company, you will need to invest a sufficient amount of time, information, and money into your campaign. If you are not ready to devote yourself to creating a perfectly tailored advertising strategy, it may be a good idea to wait until you have sufficient time and funds to launch an effective campaign.

The facts and figures we have shared above make digital advertising hard to ignore, as it’s only expected to grow further throughout the years. If you are still not involved in this sector, then it might be the right time to start because your competitors will leave you far behind. To make a change for the good, you will need a professional team to develop your strategy and execute it.