Per the statistical report on video marketing by render forests, 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day and 100 million hours of video are watched per day on


The stats mentioned above are compelling enough to discuss how is video marketing is being used an vital marketing tool to amass traffic and generate considerable revenue, with cost-effective means.

Every day thousands of people watch and share videos be it: do it yourselves, animal videos, facts stories, etc. Information with video marketing is easily absorbed and travels faster, two things that are important for a business to leave an impression on their target audience.

Unlike other marketing tools, which requires accuracy, expertise and various resources, video marketing is a relatively easy way of promoting your brand solely on creativity. An increasing number of people prefer video marketing because it provides for a  simplified means of consuming data. Video marketing is an integral part of your overall content marketing strategy that helps in establishing and strengthening relationships with your target audience. Also, since video increasing the number of visitors exponentially, it also helps in improving your website’s search engine ranking. Aside from telling your customers about your products and services, video helps in enhancing clickable rate through emails.

Now that we have discussed what makes video crucial marketing elements, here are some tips to make your video marketing strategy more effective:


Make sure the moment the user presses on your ad, it starts with the delivering the message of your brand or create an intriguing story to lead to the product. We have a history of video marketing examples that are misleading and fall flat on customers.


Your video content is going to decide whether there will be a lead/conversion or not? Be mindful of your business goals and your target audience and accordingly create your brand unique value proposition that will set your brand apart.


No, we are not saying write clickbait titles, a trend that has been luring consumers to watch the video with all the anticipation, only to have them annoyed on wasting their time in watching a worthless content. Try to create a snappy title in minimum characters. Yes, it can difficult, but with practice, you will be able to create crisp, accurate and clickable titles.

Regardless of the size of your business, be it small or large, you would be aware that hiring a  video marketing expert would be expensive, but you can also not miss out on the growth opportunity offered by video marketing which is why we recommend outsourcing video marketing services to a Hubspot Inbound Marketing Agency. They have the required knowledge and expertise to effectively implement robust video marketing strategies for the business’s needs. Outsourcing video marketing services to a dedicated team of experts will assure you good returns on every penny that you invested. You no longer have to worry about expensive video production gears. You will remain abreast with the latest development in video marketing, with the outsourced agency facilitating your creative approach, different from the routinely similar ideas in the firm. Outsourcing is the best way of giving you and your employee time to better focus on achieving business goals.

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