Traditionally, worshippers prayed in person, and now, with the onset of social media, praying online is the new norm. In these challenging times, prayer is our primary source of strength. When you have a desire to stay connected with your church community, praying together online helps strengthen that bond further.

You can share your prayer request online so that others from around the world can offer up your intention after viewing it. This approach creates an enormous online prayer chain. Besides, it brings strangers together who empathize with the other and share their common faith through the medium of prayer.

Why Should You Make Online Requests?

The idea is not to replace the conventional practice of praying in church. Online prayers offer community members the convenience of storming heaven for you when you do not have access to a church. Should you have an urgent need for prayers at odd hours, this practical mechanism proves to be a saviour in your darkest moments.

Many faithful followers of God are adopting the handy tool of online prayers. This trend proves that the tradition of praying is still alive and offers comfort when most needed. When you live away from your loved ones, sending your intentions via a spiritual platform helps well-wishers reach out to you through their prayers.

Online prayers are an effective and modern form of worship and continue to serve as a powerful weapon against evil forces. It also enables churches to engage with their faithful followers more frequently. Putting your trust in God by sharing your problems and requesting His guidance when you reach a dead-end does bring relief in the long-run.

Out of genuine concern, churches encourage you to post your request for prayers online. When more worshippers bring the same intention to the throne of God, miracles happen. Once you send in your prayer request, you can expect the following:

Physical Placement of Prayers

A print-out of your prayer is placed at the holiest site of Christian worship. During the service conducted in the concerned church, a priest prays for your submitted intention.

Portion of Donation Received Redirected

The donation received, along with your request for prayers, is used worthily. A portion of the funds transferred by you is utilized for the church’s upkeep. It is in the same place of worship that your intention is prayed over.

Certificate of Authenticity Issued

An authenticity certificate is issued to you on the mailing address shared at the time of sending your prayer request. This certificate is generated on the official letterhead of the holiest site of worship. It assures you that you are not alone, your intentions are prayerfully lifted up and now await divine intervention.

When you request prayers online, other faithful from around the globe commit to praying with you even though they may not know you. Language, ethnicity, gender, and such differentiating factors have no role in a powerful medium like a prayer.

Experience the power of genuine worship with a religious online prayer portal determined to make you feel one with the Supreme Lord.