A living room is a place in a home where family members and guests spend most of the time. So it needs to be designed in a manner that makes it both comfortable and stylish. But did you know, from flooring to wall paint and artwork, everything contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your living room.

Moreover, the furniture, plants, lighting, and curtains also play a vital role in the design of interior space. Inspired by some interior design Singapore ideas, check out these tips to make your living room the best place in your home abode.

Create a focal point

A focal point is an element that attracts attention. It can be a television screen, a painting, a plant or any other eye-catching item. If it is a plant or large vase, you can place it on a table or in the center of the room. On the other hand, you can install a painting or artwork on the wall.

Shelves with backlighting

Shelves and lighting create a beautiful combination for your living room. Shelves with backlighting create an amazing ambiance along with stylish space for storage. The styling, when combined with lighting, creates a fantastic feature for a living room.

The elegance of soft colors

The color patterns are important as they affect the mood of people in a home. Soft colors can calm your mind while the bold colors may create excitement. Choose soft colors and earthier tones instead of bold hues as they have a relaxing effect on people. A soft color shade like pale dusty rose can create a feeling of light and open space.

Create a contrast

A sharp contrast is attractive, and it can be created using a combination of bright and dark tones. For example, if you choose lighter colors for walls, you should choose dark covers for your sofa and furniture. A dark tone of furniture creates a good contrast with the soft tones of any wall paint. The neutral color of sofas and chairs works excellent with dark tones of walls.

Comfy seating design

Homes need chairs and sofas for guest seating, and they should be according to the available space. The interior design Singapore recommends neutral shades of furniture as they go with any color tone of walls. Choose dark carpets with neutral shades of sofas. Leather armchairs are one of the most fabulous classic ideas that you can use for your living room.

Lighting and ambiance

Lighting plays a vital role in the living room, and it should not be too bright or too low. It is best to use bright LED lights and ambiance lights so that family members can use it according to their choice. Bright lights are best for guests and visitors while ambient lighting creates an element of privacy. Decorative hanging lamps and chandeliers can offer a classic look to your living room.

A Final thought

These are a handful of interior design ideas for living room. There are many other things like flooring, furniture, plants and decorative essentials you can use to enhance the interior of your living room.