John Oliver is a beast and on the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight he goes hard with his advice to Trump. He starts out by apologizing for bringing up the topic of Trump yet again but assures us that it is important that he gets these things off his chest. He then proceeds to outline a plan that will actually allow Trump to seemingly look as if he came out on top, and it is not by winning and becoming President. It’s actually by dropping out of the race.

Oliver’s advice to Trump will not just allow him to protect himself from the harmful reprecussions of possibly losing this election to Hillary Clinton but will allow him to protect his brand which as Oliver points out is built on his claim that he “doesn’t do anything unless [he] wins.” Even if he wins the election Oliver suggests that that would not be winning at all because Trump then has to actually do work and that’s not really Trump’s idea of a good time. Oliver suggests:

“The other option is that Trump resets comes from behind and wins. And I would argue that that’s even worse for him because then he actually has to run the country and that means living in government housing, conversing with fully clothes women, and traveling in a plane that doesn’t even have his name on it. Just this week he tried to seem more presidential by apologizing and distributing disaster relief and he looked miserable and that’s pretty much all that being a President is…Which is why I would like to propose to you a third option and that is drop out. Simply drop out and tell America this entire candidacy was a stunt, a satire designed to expose the flaws in the system and the thing is you can actually make a fairly decent case for that because although your campaign was the political equivalent of a bigoted clown’s blazing funeral pyre you have accidently made upwards of four good points during this campaign”

Oliver then proceeds to blow our minds with actually giving Donald credit for a couple of his ridiculous comments he has made. And you know what, he makes absolute sense. Furthering his commitment to helping Donald out he tells him he has for him a “full proof instruction manual” that is basically about Trump. He pulls out a book called The Kid Who Ran For President. He outlines the plot of the book which he then compares to Trump’s own journey and they weirdly do mirror one another. The comparisons don’t stop there, many of the things the boy says seem to echo exactly things that have come out of Donald’s own mouth. In the book the boy claims that “my job, as candidate for the highest office in our nation, is to come up with good quotes.” Compare that to Donald’s statement of “I know words, I have the best words” and it’s hard not to start nervously laughing while shifting your gaze to find the nearest emergency exit.

Oliver makes an extremely good point in asserting that, “if you drop out in order to teach America a lesson, you would not be a loser, you would be a legend.” Seriously this guy is a genius.