Socks are underestimated. Everyone always thinks the main attraction is the shoe but aren’t you always impressed when you see someone wearing unique socks? I am, because I don’t see them often I get really excited when I do. I think socks, especially kid’s socks should be given more thought should be allowed to shine. Most of the time kids don’t even wear shoes so to put the focus on cool trendy socks is perfect, #sockgamestrong. Here are some kid socks that will make you melt.

  1. Toddler Crew, The Nutcracker from, $6.50

2. Kid’s T-Rex vs. Triceratops from, $9

3. Me In Mind Fashion Mary Janes Sock Set from, $26


4. Pink Ballet Slipper from, $5


5. 2-Pack Cloud Socks from, $12

6. Wide Mouth Pirhana Socks for Kids from, $8


7. Bee’s Knees Socks for Kids from, $9


8. Unicorn Knee High Socks for Kids from, $9.50


9. Dragon Socks for Kids from, $6


10. Kawaii Compact Caped Crusader Socks from, $8.99