Canadian judge, Justice Robin Camp, is possibly facing removal from bench after asking a woman who was a victim in a rape case why she couldn’t “just keep [her] knees together.” In the 2014 case, Camp appears to have questioned the victim about why she hadn’t “skew[ed] her pelvis” when her attacker tried to rape her over a bathroom sink, only to follow that remark with exclaiming that, “Young wom[e]n want to have sex, particularly if they’re drunk…Some sex and pain sometimes go together…that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”  At the time of the trial the victim was nineteen years old and homeless. Camp later cleared the accused man of the charges and offered him some friendly advice:

“I want you to tell your friends, your male friends, that they have to be far more gently with women. They have to be far more patient. And they have to be very careful. To protect themselves, they have to be very careful.”

The judge seemingly turned the tables and insinuated that the real victim here was not just the accused man but all men in general, as if they are the actual targets who need to protect themselves from… choosing to rape women!


Camp’s lawyer, Frank Addario, is arguing that Camp made his comments out of his supposed ignorance of sexual assault which actually happens to be a common characteristic of quite a number of people in his opinion. Oh, of course! He didn’t know guys just have him watch a video on sexual assault or something and he’ll be all caught up.

In all seriousness this “judge” deserves not only to be removed from the bench but shouldn’t be able to practice any sort of law at all. It’s now up to the Canadian Judicial Council to make the final decision.