Have you ever considered putting track lights instead of conventional lighting fixtures like pendant lights and lamps in your house or the business you own? The result from this type of lighting may exceed your expectations with its unique advantages.

Track lighting is a type of modern lighting system where light fixtures are attached anywhere on the continuous track device, and typically the track contains electrical conductors. The light can move along the track, which is in direct contrast with individual lighting that is fixed with electrical wires and routes. Recently professional lighting firms like OBALS have invented the track model and offers a magnetic tracking system which adds even more benefits when the products are in use.


Overall, it remains the basic form of a regular track lighting. The track usually is mounted on a wall or ceiling with removable lighting fixtures inside. Below are some of the significant differences between a magnet track light system from OBALS and the regular one from the market:

  • Different tracks are available, including surface mounted, embedded, plasterboard, narrow and wide options
  • Provide different types of lights, including line lights, spotlights, wash wall type,track lights and so on, convenient for customers to prepare inventory.
  • Low-voltage power magnetic track with DC48V magnet connector, which provides enhanced safety and improved flexibility when installing and changing components.
  • The built-in fall prevention system which stops the fixture from falling when the product is overheated because of an extended using time.
  • OBAL’s light fixtures feature a high colour-rendering index with a low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) that create more accurate and brighter colours. Such an advantage can prevent users from feeling dizzy and uncomfortable when they are under the light.

In addition to these specific benefits that are brought by OBALS’ magnet track light system, we should not overlook the advantages that the traditional track lighting can offer. Because this innovative magnetic system is improved on the old structure, the new model also inherits all benefits from the traditional one.

  1. Contemporary design

Those who are looking to achieve a modern design will appreciate its utilitarian yet attractive aesthetics. Simplicity is usually the focus of the track light; however, this characteristic gives the system a sense of being technologically advanced and futuristic. Unlike a decade ago where every product available on the market was identical, designers in this industry have already created countless choices with various styles. Consumers are guaranteed to find the best solutions for them.

Furthermore, patterns of those tracks can be altered based on the interior and building layouts to best fit in the environment. Square, rectangle, or grid formats are not an issue at all with track lighting.


  1. Versatility

This lighting option is suitable for many occasions, either a residential or commercial space is great; and the product can adapt down to individual room design. You also have controls over the number of light fixtures you want to put on the track; and you can add illumination as you wish without taking any space. Once again, the magnetic system from OBALS provides better convenience and customizability that are steps further than regular models. You will not feel hectic at all even if you add lights on your own.


The versatility aspect is also reflected on its flexible engineering structure and the lighting pattern available from their fixtures. Firstly, the lights can be changed to become particularly bright or dim base on your demand; secondly, users can adjust the angle which allows them to shine the light to wherever they need the most. Such function significantly increases the usage flexibility, which is a feature appreciated by the market.

Mounting versatility is worth mentioning. Options include the track being directly mounted on the surface, or with a suspension that is made with cable or rod. Therefore, the product can be attached to most surfaces including drop ceilings.

  1. Great for all types of rooms and events

Since the track lighting system is customizable and flexible, it means it can be adapted to all sizes and types of rooms and events. The slim design of tracks fits in your kitchen or living room perfectly; and if you are looking for commercial use, products with increased length and width, which can hold laser light, line light and wall washer securely.

Besides the major advantages we discussed in detail, you should also be aware of some minor points that add to your quality of life.


First of all, some firms offer LED compatible track lights. Although LED has a higher initial price than regular light bulbs, it helps you save money over time. Its long-lasting product life which can up to 50,000 hours, and its efficiency in consuming energy, make it an excellent choice in the long run.

An additional point that is offered by OBALS is its consumer-focused services. This company provides customisable tracks and installation components to ensure all systems can be used safely. Furthermore, they also offer services such as production of personalised tracks that are compatible with customers’ own current light fixtures, which is rare in the industry.

Overall, a magnet track light can be the perfect lighting solution you had never thought of. When people are still using the traditional fixture, you can be the innovative one and receive all benefits from a track light system.

For more info, please visit: https://www.obals.com/