In recent years barbershop has become a place where men gather, get groomed, and enjoy the downtime that is experienced when relaxing in the barber chair. Barber shops in the 1900s were all the craze, and then the faster more convenient salons began to surface and America witnessed barbershops beginning to fade away like many trends of the 1900s.

Fast forward to the modern day, more men have a desire to be treated with the same pampered grooming amenities like their female partners. Women have long enjoyed days in the salon chair. Now, men from all walks of life are spending more time in the barber chair getting groomed and cleaned up.

Barbershops have always cut hair, trimmed beards, and washed you up. Today’s trendy barbershop is turning to additional offerings that include snacks, drinks, and televised sports broadcasts. Having a place to get groomed and lounge at the same time is an appealing aspect of a barbershop. So many places that are opening around the country are adopting these practices.

Straight razor beard trimmings were once a lost art when electric shaving tools took over. Many men turned to the more convenient option and ditched the straight razor blades. Now companies like Dollar Shave Club are providing men affordable solutions for cheap razors. Slowly, but surely, the electric shaver is losing its appeal among the modern men of the world. Sophisticated men are also turning to essential beard oils to treat their man scruff.

Well groomed men are trending more than ever. It’s obvious when you are out and about that men are taking their grooming and hygiene more seriously. Men are making fashion statements more than ever before, and they are staying dressed to impress. They are more concerned about their looks, dress style, facial hair, and haircuts than ever before. These are major reasons why barber shops are becoming more popular these days.

Women around the world are finding these GQ men more attractive. So next time you venture out for a haircut, skip the commercial salon, find yourself a local barbershop, and get the manly trim your face and scalp deserve.